Recruiting: Tiemann To Walk On At Texas

Pflugerville LB <b>Luke Tiemann</b> has decided to walk on at Texas rather than pursue scholarship opportunities elsewhere.

"I'm going to Texas," Luke Tiemann said. "I know some people will chastise me for walking on, but the education there is just really good. Our financial status is good enough that I really don't need a scholarship to play ball and go to college some place else."

It's not very far from his Pflugerville home either.

"I also decided to walk on because I have aspirations for a national championship and I think Texas is very close. I really like the direction their program is headed. I think Mack Brown has made some really good choices on the defensive side of the ball. And I'm just real positive about the whole situation there."

The Texas Hot 100 selection understands the underdog role a walk-on can play, and he wouldn't in the least bit mind playing spoiler.

"I definitely think I can make an impact there. I've always believed I was good enough. Some were saying, 'Do you think that's a good idea.' Like I wasn't going to earn any playing time. That made me want to go to Texas even more when I heard that."

The 6-2, 210-pound 'backer always lived in a Burnt Orange house. He kicked around the various opportunities he had at schools such as Wisconsin, Kansas, Houston, and Purdue to name a few, but it was the Forty Acres he dreamed of playing his sport.

"I just wanted to make sure that I picked the best place for me, so I looked around. But Texas is the place for me. My brother goes to school there and I'm really close to him. My parents graduated from there and are doing really well. The education alone is worth going to school there. So that's where I'm going."

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