Horns stuck at No. 5 for at least another week

The Horns remained No. 5 in the latest BCS rankings released Monday afternoon.

Nebraska (2.62 poll points -- lower is better) topped the standings for the second consecutive week, while Miami (6.61) moved up into the No. 3 spot, overtaking the previous week's No. 2 Oklahoma (7.83), which dropped into third. For the second straight week, a team vaulted past Texas (13.93) in the rankings. With its win over Notre Dame, combined with UT's game vs. BCS weakling Baylor and losses by both Michigan (No. 4 last week) and Stanford (No. 6) last week), last week's No. 7 Tennessee (12.74) jumped all the way to fourth.

Behind the fifth-place Horns, Oregon (14.80), Florida (15.84), Washington (17.55), Washington State (21.13) and Michigan (25.51) round out the top 10 while Stanford (26.21), Illinois (27.55), BYU (27.69), Florida State (29.70) and Maryland (29.83) occupy the Nos. 11-15 spots.

Regardless of the margin of victory for Texas in this week's game with Kansas, the game will do nothing but hurt the Horns in the BCS rankings. With wins this weekend over UCLA and South Carolina, respectively, both Oregon and Florida will make a strength of schedule move on Texas. Whether it will be enough to send the Horns headin' the wrong way in the rankings is yet to be seen, but it wouldn't be a total surprise. Nor would losses by both the Ducks and the Gators. Also, No. 4 Tennessee faces in Memphis (No. 84) a bigger BCS dog than does No. 5 Texas in facing Kansas (No. 67), so who knows, maybe the Horns leapfrog the Vols no matter what happens to the trailing teams in the rankings. This season has been so unpredictable so far, nothing seems to be out of the realm of possibility when it comes to the results of games involving top 10 teams.

Mack Brown Monday stuck with a similar mantra as the last few weeks with regards to the BCS. "We can't worry about it right now because we can't control it," the head coach said. Winning the final two games is the only thing his players control, he added. "We tell the guys, You be good enough that someone wants to pick you (for their BCS bowl game) and if you're in the national championship game, be good enough to win it."

Notes: Brown said he doesn't yet know the status of Tillman Holloway (shoulder and neck). The coach said the staff also won't know till tomorrow if Antwan Kirk-Hughes (ankle) is ready to rejoin the team's practices. The coaches plan to workregular starting center Matt Anderson at guard this week with Jason Glynn taking some first-team snaps at center. Anderson would give the coaches a third option at guard to go along with Derrick Dockery and Beau Baker if Kirk-Hughes and Holloway remain sidelined for any length of time. Fifth-year senior Corey Bradford, who switched from OL to DT earlier this year to bolster the team's depth on the DL, will probably move back to offensive guard this week. Redshirt freshman Trey Bates is the other guard who could see action Saturday vs. Kansas. Brown said the coaches will not strip the redshirt from any of the true freshman OLs.

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