Junior Update: Vince Oghobaase Lands Another Offer

The No. 2 prospect overall in the Texas Hot 100 is now officially up to two offers. Among a host of schools he's looking at, three have won national championships in the 21st century (LSU, OU and Miami). And after being offered by the hometown Houston Cougars, one from that group of three also sent <b>Vince Oghobaase</b> an official offer via Fed-Ex this past Saturday.

"I spoke with Nick Saban on Friday and he said he was going to offer me a scholarship," Vince Oghobaase said. "I was excited. The next day, I received a Fed-Ex package in the mail and it had a letter written by him explaining that they were officially offering me a scholarship."

"It said," Oghobaase continued, "something like: 'I wanted to send you a note telling you how much I enjoyed visiting with you today and wanted to reinforce my scholarship offer to you... We're very proud of our football program and Coach Dooley and myself hope you will join us. Sincerely, Nick Saban.'"

Needless to say, collecting an offer from the most recent national champion meant quite a bit to the stud defender from Alief Hastings.

"It was awesome," he said. "They must really, really like me as a player and as a student athlete. I have no words for it. They just won a national championship and they're coming after me as a junior."

Meanwhile, Texas A&M failed to follow up on their promise of tendering the kid an offer, something Oghobaase mentioned. The 6-5.5, 300-pounder is already learning the difference between a verbal and an in-hand offer...

Top teams he's now looking at?

In alphabetical order: Houston, Iowa, LSU, Miami, Michigan, OU, Texas, Texas A&M.

Oghobaase said he has yet to hear from Michigan, OU and Texas, while Iowa continues its courtship via mail...

Both Miami and LSU have invited him to their junior days, but with them scheduled only a day apart (Miami, Feb. 28; LSU Feb. 29), he may only make it to one of the two.

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