Inside the Class of '04: Luke Tiemann

The 15th in a series of interviews on members of the Longhorn Class of '04: Walk-on Luke Tiemann.

Luke Tiemann
Pflugerville HS
NR: 108 SR: 87 Rating: **

An Inside Texas conversation with Pflugerville head coach George Hermann on Luke Tiemann:

IT: What are Luke's strengths as a football player?

Hermann: He's a student of the game and he's very intense on the football field and seems to have a knack for always being around the football and making tackles once he gets there. He's an explosive tackler also. When he does make contact, it's usually pretty explosive.

IT: What did the Texas coaches tell you that they like about Luke?

Hermann: He's not the prettiest football player you've ever seen, but I think they like that he's a true football player, that he's a throw-back kind of football player that just likes to be physical and likes to run to the football and has fun while he's out there on the field.

IT: What are the areas of his game that Luke needs to improve upon to be successful at the next level?

Hermann: He's going to have to work on getting stronger and faster. At the level that Texas plays at, he's going to have to be in the best physical shape he can possibly be in. When he is able to play for them, he has to be a little better heavier than he is. He played at about 205 this year; that's a little light.

IT: What position(s) did he play for you guys?

Hermann: As a sophomore for us, he was a defensive end. Did a great job for us at defensive end then we moved him to inside linebacker. We run a split with two inside linebackers and he played our weakside, what we call Willie on our split set-up. (Texas) may drop him down to defensive end if he bulks up.

IT: Does he have the frame to carry a lot more weight?

Hermann: He played this season at 205. He may be 215 right now because he's hitting the weights pretty heavy. He's between 6-2 and 6-3 and he's skinny. He's not a guy that's got a lot of muscle on him right now so he can add the weight and I believe it won't slow him down. He's working real heard in the weight room every day.

IT: Is there a defining moment for you that exemplifies Luke's ability as a football player?

Hermann: Two years ago, coming off an injury vs. Georgetown, he had 25 tackles in that game and he had to sit out four five games and when he came back he was a real impact player. Having 25 tackles in a high school game is unusual. Plus he blocked a field goal in that game also.

IT: Is Luke a leader, and if so, how does he lead?

Hermann: He's got great leadership ability. He does a great job in the classroom and in the hallways. He's just a super, super leader. Leads more by example or his play on the field than by his vocal chords. He's just a kid that's going to get out there and show everybody what he can do and not talk about what he can do.

IT: Why do you believe he passed up the opportunity to play on scholarship elsewhere to walk on at Texas?

Hermann: I just feel like he factored in the education he was going to get at The University of Texas along with the experience of playing football for a top 10 football team that has a chance to win a national championship every year.

IT: Anything that we didn't cover that you'd like to add?

Hermann: He's just a class individual, he's a class act, and he's somebody you're not going to have to worry about getting in any type of trouble. He's just that type of individual that's going to take care of his business.

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