Inside the Class of '04: Peter Ullman

The 17th in a series of features on members of the Longhorn Class of '04: Signee Peter Ullman.

Peter Ullman
Tight End
Round Rock HS
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An Inside Texas conversation with Round Rock head coach Lanny Wilson on Peter Ullman:

IT: What are Peter's strengths as a football player?

Wilson: First of all, his size. He's 6-4, 240, and he can run. Just looking at him, he's a great player. He's the total package. His grades are good, he's a hard worker, he's easy to coach, he was a big-time guy. He was a three-year starter for us. There are just endless things we can talk about about why he was recruited.

IT: What did the Texas coaches tell you that they like about Peter?

Wilson: He played tight end, and there are two things he's going to have to do, one is catch and one is block, and he's got the size that he can do both. He's got good speed and his hands are great and like I said, he's a big frame guy. He's 6-4, about 240, but he can put on 20 or 30 pounds. They've got some room to do things with him.

IT: Some have projected Peter as a "blocking" TE...

Wilson: I think UT picked him up because of his balance. He's got the size to block and the hands to catch. He's never been a problem off the field, he makes good grades. I think that that was the deal. I don't know what his one outstanding thing would be, but his total package is outstanding. He can do it all pretty good. He was on special teams, we used him at different positions there. Somebody like Peter, if we had 15 of him, we could play him all over the field. There's lots of position we could have put him at.

IT: Do you see him playing another position besides TE at Texas?

Wilson: That's always possible, especially when you go somewhere like UT. They'll look at him and evaluate how he can help the team best and he's a team player. He'll play wherever they want him to. Ya know, he played some defensive end for us. He's a great defensive player also.

IT: How active was Peter in your offense?

Wilson: We're a 60-40 run-pass team and we threw to him a bunch. We used his blocking and threw the ball to him and he played at tight end for three years. He could have been a good fullback (but) we needed a good tight end. That gave us an edge on our running game.

IT: What did Peter mean to your football program?

Wilson: The biggest deal with him, and this is something that is hard to coach, he is a great practice player. He practiced hard. He was there every day and he was a leader and when your biggest recruit is out there working his tail off everyday it makes it easier for the other kids to work too. He gets people around him to play better. He encourages people and he makes those around him play harder and play better. They pick their game up. He's just a great guy and we wish we had him back for another year.

IT: Is there a defining moment for you that exemplifies Peter's ability as a football player?

Wilson: The biggest thing I think of, I see him catching balls and somebody comes up to hit him and he just lays them out. He's hard to bring down. You can throw him a pass over the middle and some defensive back sees it and comes up to cut him in half and Peter just lays him out. He's strong and solid and hard to bring down. Another thing, here's something that's not in the stats, when you have a player the quality that Peter is, it changes other people's gameplans. They'll put two people on him or they'll slide their linebackers. It makes them do a few things they normally wouldn't do if you just had an average player at tight end.

IT: Anything that we didn't cover that you'd like to add?

Wilson: He's just a pleasure to coach. He never was a problem. My big deal with him is people around him, he knew how to get them to play harder. He wasn't negative and he just made people around him play harder. You just always felt like you had a chance with him on your team.

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