Junior Update: More Offers For Todd Walker

Pflugerville QB <B>Todd Walker</B> has several major programs vying for his college signature. A couple of new powers (one SEC school; the other from the Big 12 South) threw their names into the hat recently. We talk about that, his top four teams and more...

"Arkansas offered me last week," Todd Walker said. "And Texas offered too."


Are those in-hand?

"Yes," Walker said.

And the Texas offer is actually in-hand?

"Yes, it is. I got it in the mail yesterday or the day before. Yeah, I think I got it Tuesday."

Make no mistake, this kid's stock has soared the last few weeks. We ran a scouting report on him this past Friday in the Inside Scoop and made it available to everybody across the network early, early Monday morning.

Next thing ya know, UT, which is just a hop, skip and jump down I-35 from Pflugerville, ponies up...

"It's gettin' pretty crazy," Walker said. "I can't believe it. I never expected this to happen. Just seems like something new happens every week."

Kid went to UT's practice Tuesday to soak in a bit more about what they may be able to offer him. And though it was closed, he still got in. Being a highly sought recruit affords you certain benefits.

"I talked to Mack Brown and Greg Davis," he said. "They told me they wanted me as a quarterback. They said they think that's the position I project at and where I'll start off. They also said they know I'm talented enough to play other positions."

This kid is someone to keep an eye on and we'll be all over him throughout the process.

So who made his final four?

"Right now, I would have to say Oklahoma, Texas, Purdue and A&M."

Speaking of OU, the state's No. 13-ranked prospect said he spoke to (Oklahoma recruiting coordinator) Coach Bobby Jack Wright yesterday.

"He said he was shopping for his wife's birthday, talked about a luncheon they were attending where Coach Stoops was accepting a 'Coach of the Year' award and that he wanted to talk to me. He also asked if I was coming down for one of their camps. He was just wanting to talk and see how I am doing."

We'll have more soon on the Walker sweepstakes as he contemplates wrapping up the recruiting process a lot quicker than his older brother (Purdue Boilermaker RS-FR QB) Grant Walker did.

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