IT's Kansas game picks

IT's Michael Pearle and Clendon Ross give you their picks, and the reasoning behind those picks, in this week's game between Texas and Kansas.

IT's Picks:

Pearle -- This one will be as lopsided as Mack Brown allows it to get. Texas should run away from Kansas early as the home crowd neutralizes any emotional high that the Jayhawks may have from playing one for their fallen coach. Sit back and enjoy as Texas tunes up for its stretch run against the Aggies and beyond. Texas 52, Kansas 10.

Ross -- I'm not sure how, but Kansas is ranked slightly ahead of Baylor in the BCS (No. 67 vs. No. 71). Does that mean that the Jayhawks will give the Horns a tougher game than the Bears did last Saturday? Don't count on it. Kansas has few redeeming qualities as a football team. Firing the head coach with games to be played didn't change that dynamic one bit. Texas will pound KU, and this week, Cedric Benson will have the breakout game in front of the home folks I thought he'd have last week in Waco. By breakout, I mean close to or above 200 yards. And the defense may, just may, toss the shutout that has eluded them by a single TD in three games so far this year. Texas 56, Kansas 0.

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