John Thompson: Tigers Must Be Precise, Efficient

Princeton head <B>John Thompson</B> and junior C <B>Judson Wallace</B> and junior G <B>Will Venable</B> faced the media last night in Denver after their final practice before NCAA opener.

Opening Statement

"We are extremely excited to be here and we are looking forward to tomorrow."

On game plan versus Texas

"Their team is so versatile; they can hurt you in so many ways with so many different people. You need to keep working through situations and try to figure them out."

On Texas' depth

"They play 11 players at least 11-12 minutes a game and that begins to wear you down."

"The number of bodies they throw at you and their style of play begins to wear a team down."

"We are probably deeper than we have been in the past and I think we can keep up with them."

On pulling off an upset over Texas

"We have to be precise and extremely efficient on the offensive and defensive side. We also have to hope they have an off night."

"We have to execute and can't waste any possessions."

On being an underdog and using it to motivate your team

"We really don't use it as motivation. At this time of year everybody is playing well, no matter who you are, you are going to play against a quality team."

"Our guys are ready to play and prepared to win no matter who we play."

On the play of Texas

"They (Texas) are an experienced team and they have multiple players that have been in every situation for several years."

On being an athletic team

"We have players that can create things on their own in certain situations, but the principles we use are still the same."

Judson Wallace

On NCAA Tournament

"We are definitely happy to be here. After winning the Ivy League Championship, we set new goals. If you go in thinking that you won't win, you've dug your own grave."

On win over Penn

"It was huge to go into the tournament on a win. It gave us confidence and momentum. That was a really big win for us."

On national perception of Princeton style of play

"We are still the Princeton of old. Our focus is still guarding your guy and getting open shots. We are more athletic than in the past. The option to push the ball is there."

On Princeton Tradition

"We definitely have tradition. Three of four coaches played and graduated from Princeton. It is a rule that we are supposed to keep our locker room clean because the people who played before us earned the right to a tradition like that."

"I don't know if there is a responsibility to maintain the offense. It is just an offense that works. We have some guys that can allow other things like rebounding better, but we are still doing the same things we always have."

On Air Force style of play

"I think they have the same mold as the Princeton offense. Their defense is a little different in that we were running a man-to-man all season and I think they were running a 2-3 zone. They are a little more athletic, but our offense is very similar."

On opponent pre-tournament notions

"I think you have to respect everyone in the Tournament, because they (each team) are obviously doing something right in order to be here. It is different than pre-season in that some teams may have taken us lightly, but I don't think that happens here."

Will Venable

On NCAA Tournament

"We are not content with coming here and losing in the first round."

On Coach Thompson

"I think he has changed as much as anyone of us. It has been three years, in any relationship that long, things change."

On status of back injury

"It feels fine. Taking a week of has allowed everyone to recuperate."

On game against Texas in Austin last season

"In the back of our minds it is good to know that we had some success against them (Texas), but we are both different teams and this is another year. It's a whole new ball game."

On Air Force style of play

"I only watched one of their games, and it is the same stuff. They might run it harder and better, but it is the exact same as far as I can tell."

On opponent pre-tournament notions

"I don't think teams look at other teams as being an underdog in the Tournament. In the pre-season maybe, but we do expect a lot of respect for our offense."

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