Round Rock Stony Point LB Elon Mitchell

The Lone Star state could boast three difference-makers at the linebacker positions. Grab a <b>Roddrick Muckelroy</b>, <b>Chris Collins</b> and <b>Elon Mitchell</b> and you may very well have landed, at some point in their collegiate careers, a starting WILL, MIKE and SAM. The early returns point to them being <i>that</i> good. However, they face additional scrutiny before we go out on that limb. That being said, time to turn our attention to Mitchell...

Surprisingly, the Cen-Tex standout linebacker has yet to pick up his first offer, but that'll change, I'm certain. In fact, if Elon Mitchell isn't holding double digit offers within the next couple of months, the D-I programs across the country may need to search Austin and surrounding area just a bit better when hunting in Texas...

Mitchell, who projects first as a linebacker, could also play fullback or end. But when you see him up close, he looks like a future mean son-of-you-know-what as an LB.

Recently eye balled, kid stands 6-1.5/6-2 and carries 230 pounds on his frame extremely well. This just might be the top linebacker prospect in the state and we currently have him rated No. 32 overall. That said, don't be surprised to see him moving up. We're very excited about what Mitchell could become in D-1...

"He certainly looks the part, doesn't he," Stony Point HC Craig Chessher rhetorically asked.

Yes, indeed...


"I currently have a 3.86 GPA and will be taking the SAT this Saturday," Mitchell said.


"My primary focus is on academics," Mitchell added. "Grades come before football. I consider football a privilege."

Is this a prospective student/athlete too good to be true?

Where's the love?

"I've had some schools ask me if I would commit if I was offered, but I think I'm going to take the time to make an informed decision and see as many schools up close that I can," Mitchell said. "I've been to Texas and Texas A&M several times and I'd like to check out Oklahoma, Miami, USC, Iowa, Notre Dame and LSU."

"I'm really not favoring anybody at this time," Mitchell continued. "I'd like to remain open and I'm really lookin' at anybody that's interested in me. I have this next month set aside to go and see as many schools as possible."

Asked who is recruiting the hardest, the blue-chipper said: "Texas and Texas A&M are probably recruiting me the hardest. Miami and LSU also."

So despite the fact no one has stepped up, who are some of the teams standing out today? Even though it's way early in the process, who is looking like they have a pretty good shot at the Stony Point LB?

"All the teams I mentioned above, because they've all been showing interest in me and anybody else that shows major interest (read scholarship offers)."

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