Junior Update: Add Another To Oghobaase's Faves

Alief Hastings' <b>Vince Oghobaase</b>, one of the state's top DT prospects, has several schools looking at him...

In addition to the seven schools to offer thus far, "Kansas offered me this past Monday," Vince Oghobaase said.

Other schools who may be close to stepping up?

"Mizzou emailed me and said they saw my game film against Humble and that they were very impressed," said the State's No. 2 overall prospect. "They said they were a program on the rise and like my potential to help them get to the top. They also said they're one of the top Big 12 schools in academics, boast a really high graduation rate and that they're one of the oldest universities in the country."

Additionally, the Tigers told Oghobaase that they've coached up and sent several defensive players into the league.

"UCLA is sending me hand-written letters. And they're saying, 'We're coming after you.'"

Not to be outdone, both Nebraska and Notre Dame continue sending mail, as well.

But just this last week, one school expressing interest in the Houston standout has Oghobaase really excited.

"Miami sent me 2-3 hand-written letters," he said with a grin you could see through the phone. "They asked my coach for some film. And then I talked to Coach (Mario) Cristobal and he said he watched my film and was very impressed. If they offer, I'll be so happy."

Happy enough to throw them up their with previous leaders A&M, LSU and OU?

"That's always been my team growing up."

Oghobaase has attended junior days in both Baton Rouge and College Station and recently listed Arizona, Oklahoma State, Texas, Duke, Iowa, Michigan and Kansas as other teams he likes. The Horns, though, have yet to offer.

Vince is an MSL/TheInsiders camp invitee and plans on making the Sunday, April 4th Houston camp date.

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