Recruiting: Spring Game Attendee DeMarcus Granger

Caught up Dallas Kimball DT <b>DeMarcus Granger</b> to grab his thoughts on the trip to Austin this past weekend as well as a few other things...

"The trip to Texas was nice," DeMarcus Granger said. "The facilities... It's all good."

Asked which Longhorn coach he spoke with, the 6-2.5, 320-pounder said, "I talked to all of them."

Granger also confirmed that UT's total scholarship offers this recruiting season may be the fewest in the Mack Brown era.

The huge DT said the coaches told him they only have 14-16 to give this year.

"They only recruited one DT last year, but I'm not sure how many they're going to recruit this season," said Granger on the topic of how many DTs Texas might go after in '05. "They signed Franklin Okam and that was it. They're needing some help at that spot. Coach Brown said they had to move a couple of DEs to DT because it's so tight."

At this time, the Dallas Dominator isn't interested in naming any favorites but the schools he's looking at the closest today are "Texas, Texas A&M, OU, LSU, Florida and Miami."

He said LSU will definitely grab an official visit "because I've seen a couple of schools and their facilities already and LSU is also someone I'd really like to check out."

The two he's seen thus far are the two in-state programs, A&M and Texas.

After that, it could be Florida and Miami over OU.

Asked what he thought about the Sooners, Granger said, "I've heard from OU the least of any school. I've heard a lot more from everyone else."

Decision time isn't expected anytime soon, but the Kimball prep is looking for a family atmosphere, something he said both UT and TAMU have.

"They both have it."

Did one stand out a bit more in the "family atmosphere" department?

"No, I would say they're about equal."

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