Spring Game Attendee Reginald Youngblood

Houston Washington OT <B>Reginald Youngblood</B> took in the Forty Acres atmosphere and left convinced that UT has something different and unique to offer him after speaking with head coach Mack Brown...

So how did that trip to Austin for the Spring Game go?

"Oh, I liked it," Reginald Youngblood said. "I liked everything. It was real nice. I talked to Coach Brown and I talked to Coach Haywood all throughout the day. And to Coach McWhorter too."

Thoughts on the UT head man?

"I like Coach Brown a lot," an absolutely gushing Youngblood said. "I just like his personality. He's outgoing. I also liked that same thing about Coach McWhorter. Really every coach on their staff is like that."

Fully sounds like you're diggin' Texas right now...

"Yeah, I am..."

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Youngblood said Texas is definitely grabbing an official visit.

Other teams he thinks he'd officially visit if he had to decide today?

"Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan...and maybe Iowa."

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