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Longhorn media links for Saturday Nov. 24:

Houston Chronicle: UT overcomes A&M in a low-octane duel

Houston Chronicle: Close victory shows grind-it-out quality

Houston Chronicle: Personnel biggest shortcoming in A&M offense

Houston Chronicle: With Simms contained, Texas leans on Benson

Houston Chronicle: A&M offense unable to rise to occasion

Houston Chronicle: Texas-Texas A&M summary

Houston Chronicle (AP): Hoops: Late Texas misses let Gonzaga escape

Dallas Morning News: UT gives Aggies the hook, 21-7

Dallas Morning News: UT's BCS chances come blowing in

Dallas Morning News: Nothing new: Texas A&M offense sputters again

Dallas Morning News: Longhorns' blitz gave punter a mental block

Dallas Morning News: Texas-Texas A&M notebook

Dallas Morning News: Longhorns' determination pays off

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Defensive Tactics

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Longhorns' pizazz goes kerplunk

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Benson wears down Aggies

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas is going bowling, but it's unclear where

San Antonio Express-News: Clean getaway for UT

San Antonio Express-News: Harvey: No. 1 Texas? The new equation

San Antonio Express-News: Collapse in Boulder gives new hope to several BCS contenders

San Antonio Express-News: Loss causes Aggies to fondly recall Alamo

San Antonio Express-News: Farris needed some professional help

Austin American-Statesman: After 10th win, UT wants new BCS spin

Austin American-Statesman: Revised plan keeps Horns' hopes soaring

Austin American-Statesman: Babers' block gets UT started

Austin American-Statesman: Punters, kickers endure a difficult day

Austin American-Statesman: Coaches name 4 Horns to All-Big 12 first team

Austin American-Statesman: Benson, UT passing game kept in check, but offense sputters again

Austin American-Statesman: KEY PLAY

Austin American-Statesman: QUICK HITS

Bryan-College Station Eagle: Defense's work goes for naught

Bryan-College Station Eagle: UT wins defensive struggle

Bryan-College Station Eagle: No missed steak – Longhorns got breakfast, dessert

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