UT Mini-Camp Report: Brandon Tatum

With the Texas Longhorns having <B>Brandon Tatum</B> in attendance for their June 6th mini-camp, and needing at least one defensive back recruit this year, we caught up with the Fort Worth Dunbar standout to see how he did in Austin...

"I did good, I did real good," Brandon Tatum said. "Nobody caught a ball on me."

Good enough for a scholarship offer, possibly the lone Texas DB offer?

"The coaches said they couldn't talk about that stuff then, but I think I did real good. The coaches were sayin', 'Hey Brandon, get on this guy and get on that guy'. They were putting me on the best guys out there and no one caught anything on me. One guy from California beat me one time -- I don't know his name -- but the quarterback overthrew him. Other than that, I shut everybody down..."

Kid said he easily went man-to-man 20-30 times, so he got plenty of work in for Duane Akina and Co...

So who is Tatum looking at?

"I think I have to put Texas at the top," he said. "Right after them, Oklahoma State, Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma."

At this time, only Les Miles and Gang have stepped up with an official offer, but Tatum said, "I just took my SAT this Saturday, so I'm pretty sure the rest of the teams in my top five will offer soon."

Tatum, in strong consideration for a National Hot 100 spot, has an older brother (Bobby Tatum) already on the Forty Acres. Brandon said his brother will get the scoop on any potential offer news from the Horns and will pass it onto him ASAP.

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