Horns No. 3 with a bullet in BCS

Texas jumped from No. 6 to No. 3 in the BCS rankings released Monday afternoon, passing idle Oregon, plus weekend losers Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Undefeated Miami (2.92) took over the top spot in the standings, while 9-1 Florida (6.95) moved from No. 4 to No. 2, almost two full points ahead of No. 3 UT (8.77). Formerly undefeated but now 11-1 Nebraska (10.48), last week's No. 1, fell to No. 4 while 9-1 Oregon (10.87) remained at No. 5 just behind the Huskers.

Tennessee (11.87), at 9-1 after beating Vanderbilt 38-0 Saturday, moved up a spot to No. 6 while 9-2 Colorado (18.06) made this week's biggest leap moving from No. 15 all the way to No. 7. Following the Buffs in the Nos. 8-15 spots are 10 -1 Illinois (20.45), 10-2 Oklahoma (21.68), 8-2 Stanford (22.04), 10-1 Maryland (24.61), 11-0 BYU (25.49), 9-2 Washington State (27.25), 8-3 Washington (36.32) and 7-3 Georgia (37.13).

As I've done for the last couple of weeks, I must again point out the absurdity of some of the BCS component computer rankings. This week, let's focus (again) on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Colley rankings. You'll remember that last week that particular computer ranking elevated Tennessee to No. 2, above a Miami team which absolutely destroyed a good Syracuse team, after the Vols eked out a three-point win over a bad Kentucky bunch. This week, this obviously flawed system dropped Nebraska, after its 62-36 humiliation at the hands of Colorado, from the No. 1 spot in its ranking all the way to No. 2! Now who other than this ridiculous computer ranking would leave the Huskers in their top two after the spankin' the Buffs put on 'em? But take heart, this same poll moved Texas from the No. 10 spot it held last week up to No. 7, just one spot behind powerful Illinois. Colorado, a team with one more loss than UT, including a head-to-head 41-7 spanking at the hands of the Horns, is at No. 8. UT's No. 7 rankings is the lowest for the Horns in any of the computer polls. I'll say it again, but the Colley ratings should be eliminated from the BCS formula immediately.

Regardless, a Texas win over Colorado this Saturday should ensure that the Horns finish no lower than No. 3 in the final BCS rankings set to be released Dec. 9. For UT to move into the top two and gain a berth to the Rose Bowl, the Horns still need a bit of help. Along with a W in Texas Stadium, Texas needs either a Virginia Tech upset of Miami this weekend or a loss by either Florida or Tennessee in the SEC title game to wind up in Pasadena. And given the crazy results of the last few weeks, it just may happen.

[Editor's note: We'll have our weekly look at the Horns' bowl possibilities later in the week.]

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