Recruiting: Roddrick Muckelroy Update

With players like <b>Chris Brown</b>, <b>Marcus Burton</b>, <b>Chris Collins</b>, <b>Brandon Duncan</b> and others patrolling the line of scrimmage, the argument regarding who is the state's top linebacker is beginning to heat up. But despite plenty of comp this year (particularly from the guys above) given the depth of talent at the position, <b>Roddrick Muckelroy</b> is currently our top-rated LB prospect in the state. The 6-1.5, 215-pounder updates us on his recruitment thus far.

"I've been a busy, busy man," Roddrick Muckelroy said. "I have a job now."

Asked if he was makin' any money, he said, "I don't work for free..."

Recent offers?

"Texas offered me right before I got out of school," the Lone Star State's No. 10 said. "I was pretty impressed. Not sure who else has offered since I got that one. I haven't opened much mail lately."

At this time, kid has a top six ("Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, TCU and LSU") and all have offered.

Concerning UT, the Hallsville standout said he spoke with Duane Akina about 3 weeks ago and he remembers speaking with A&M's Dennis Franchione, LSU's Nick Saban, Arkansas' Dave Womack "and some TCU dude" in the month of May.

Some may speculate that the Horns are at a disadvantage after already receiving pledges from 2-3 LBs (depending on where LB/DE Christopher Brown is slotted), but Muckelroy sang the tune of a competitor when he said, "That really doesn't mean nothin' to me. One of the guys they signed (Chris Collins) I get to play against, so you know how that goes. It's not a big deal to me."

"Once I get on a team and I have a chance to win a spot," Muckelroy added, "I ain't going to back down. Winning a spot, that's the goal, right? I ain't tryin' to be on that sideline."

And while recruitniks are wondering where he might wind up, Muckelroy said, "Everybody keeps askin' me where I'm going to go. I keep tellin' everybody I'm going to Hallsville High School..."

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