Recruiting: Jamaal Charles Close To Committing?

We caught up with Port Arthur Memorial head coach <b>Dean Colbert</b> and Port Arthur Memorial running back <b>Jamaal Charles</b> to talk about a possible commitment to Texas from Charles...

"That's the school he's been waiting on," Colbert said about Jamaal Charles' June 22nd UT scholarship offer. "That's the school he wants to go to."

Later, we hit up Jamaal at his home and he said the same thing, that he had been waiting on the Longhorn offer and landed one when he went to Austin on an unofficial to talk with the Texas coaches.

"They said they wanted two running backs," Charles said. "They said they wanted me and R.J. (Jackson)."

So if Charles has been waiting on UT to offer, and that is the school he really wants to go to, some might wonder why he has yet to commit.

"I've been thinking about committing for the last two weeks, but I haven't really sat down with my family to talk about it," Charles explained. "I could commit anytime now, or it might be a few days or few weeks. I don't know. But UT is where I really want to go."

If there's any last-minute wavering, before the Texas Hot 100 No. 19 opts for the Burnt Orange, it could be these next-best three teams in his eyes: "Arizona, Florida and Texas A&M."

Having said that, it appears that a commitment to UT is more a matter of "when" rather than "if".

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