Scouting Report: Texas Target Reggie Youngblood

Houston Booker T. Washington OL <B>Reginald Youngblood</B> is's No. 2 offensive line prospect nationally and the Texas Hot 100's No. 3 prospect overall. Following is an assessment of the skills of one of UT's top targets.

Reginald Youngblood
Eyeballs at (or near): 6-5/6-5.5, 285 pounds
Forty time: Witnessed a 5.36 (hand-held 40 time) in late March at his high school

Breaking down Reggie Youngblood's film, the first thing you notice is his God-given athleticism and the impressive physique he carries. Kid looks like the Evander Holyfield of offensive tackles. Simply put, the 6-5.5, 275-pounder is right where he needs to be in his development as a high school blue-chip left tackle prospect. And in all likelihood, he'll develop into a major D-I impact player for the next 3-4 years before heading to the NFL to play on Sundays.

Observing the Houston Washington LT in pass protection, you'll notice him setting up especially quick. And with good hip bend, he provides himself a very formidable base to strike a major blow. He sets up fast enough, in fact, to deliver a very effective punch. Also stays very balanced and can be seen sliding his feet laterally when and where needed to steer his opponent away from the QB. You call left tackle prospects who can do all of the above, "Tha Truth."

Regarding his run blocking, you'd like to see him develop more power and strength for the next level, but he's already moving in that direction with a solid work ethic that has him boasting less than 6% body fat, which is outstanding. On the high school level, he can be seen moving the man across from him where he wants. And when given the chance, he'll try to maul his opponent. He's also capable of executing mid-level blocks. Athletically, Youngblood offers exactly what you need from the position and as long as he continues to work on his feet, he'll remain ahead of nearly everyone in that department.

Bottom Line: Youngblood is left-handed, perfectly suited for the LT position and projects as the prototypical left tackle prospect. Most QBs are right-handed, and so the emphasis on finding a good left tackle prospect to protect their blind-side is absolutely vital. The Booker T. Washington prep is the top one on boards of programs such as Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, OU, Tennessee and Texas.

Inside Texas recruiting analysis: The most intriguing and likely big-name prospect for the Horns at any position is Youngblood. Reggie said he is wide-open, but Texas appears to face the most comp from Florida State, LSU, Miami and Oklahoma. UT's recruiting success this year hinges largely on a handful of upper-echelon recruits and Youngblood is definitely in that category.

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