Texas gets a verbal from Aaron Lewis

With <b>Aaron Lewis'</b> press conference set today, a lot of folks thought that it was just a formality to allow him to do the Tomahawk Chop. But when it came time for the La Cueva prep to announce his college destination between FSU and UT, Lewis threw the Hook 'em Horns sign instead...<p>

"It was my heart that led me to go to UT," Aaron Lewis said. "As a person of faith, I prayed about it. I just felt that I was a better fit for Texas and they were a better fit for me.

Still, the Seminoles seemingly were the team to beat all along and Lewis in fact confirmed that.

"(FSU) was No. 1 going into all of the camps and visits I made," said the New Mexico DE. "I've always been a Florida State fan. Playing there was always a big deal. I always wanted to go there. And I will always root for them. But now that I'm a Longhorn, I'll be rooting for my new team a little bit more."

While Lewis kept his decision close to the vest he did let both Mack Brown and Dick Tomey know ahead of time.

"I asked them to keep it quiet because I didn't want anything leaking out until the press conference," Lewis revealed. "I just told them that I felt Teas was the place for me and that is where I wanted to go to school."

It was after making another stop at the Forty Acres immediately after tripping to FSU July 11th weekend that cinched the deal for Lewis.

"I actually left the campus and headed to Chad Hennings' house in Dallas/Fort Worth, " Lewis said. "He listened in the background as I made the phone call from his house to tell Coach Brown. And then, I called Coach Tomey who was vacationing in Hawaii. I really wanted to let him know because he was the one who really pushed for me to get an offer and he's my position coach."

Lewis can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to work...

"My plans are to win another state championship, enjoy my senior year and then enroll in some summer classes at UT. This last month, going around the country, has me out of shape and I hope it doesn't hurt my (high school) team. I definitely want to go to UT next summer to get a good start on the season. I know how important that is."

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