Recruiting: DeMarcus Granger Has A Top Three

Dallas Kimball DT <b>DeMarcus Granger</b> is beginning to narrow things down, although he said he reserves the right to shuffle his list of faves around. Still, there are three standing out, another two after that, and a couple fighting to hang around...

Recently, DeMarcus Granger told OUInsider that three teams stood out and the 6-2.5, 325-pounder did in fact confirm that a top three exist

Envelope please...

"Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and LSU..."

Not surprising when you consider that those three currently grade higher than the other faves on Granger's list.

Darrell Wyatt and OU receive an A for their efforts...

"At first, it was like they weren't really recruiting me," Granger revealed. "They'd send a note every two weeks -- not much at all. Now, they're sending me a lot of stuff every week. They have a great defense and defensive scheme."

Larry Porter and Oklahoma State grab an A...

"I like the way they recruit. And I went down there for an unofficial and really like the whole atmosphere. And it feels like home being around the type of players and coaches they have."

Bobby Williams and LSU also land an A for their efforts.

"They're recruiting very hard, I like their academic support and really liked how much it felt like home when I went down there."

The Next Two?

"Texas and Tennessee."

Granger on the Horns: (Texas assistant) Coach (Bruce) Chambers is recruiting me. They get a B+. Coach Tolle puts a lot of DTs in the NFL so they must be doing something right."

Granger on the Vols: "(Tennessee assistant) Coach (Trooper) Taylor recruits for the Vols and I give them a B+. I went to Tennessee and Coach Taylor let me know everything I needed to know about how things work up there."

Just missing the top five cut?

"Texas A&M."

On the Aggies: "Coach (Stan) Eggen is recruiting me and I give them a B. I like the way Coach Eggen works his defenses."

Florida is also still in the mix but behind the above six.

"Go ahead and throw Florida in there."

Back to's No. 2-ranked DT in the nation's top three (LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State): "Basically, I have found everything I want from those top three schools," Granger said.

As for the other three/four (Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M), he said, "They still have a very good chance. And my order can change after another note, letter, email or phone call. But right now, the top three are LSU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

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