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Texas passes its first real test of the '04 season with a gut-check 22-20 win in Fayetteville. The next test comes in four weeks vs. Oklahoma in Dallas.

David Thomas shows the Pig fans the proper Hook'em form after his 49-yard TD catch-and-run in the first quarter that gave the Horns a 9-0 lead.

The Texas OL opens a hole for Cedric Benson. The Longhorn tailback finished with 188 yards on 29 carries.

Benson gallops free.

Benson again finds room to roam between RT Justin Blalock and TE Bo Scaife.

Vince Young fires one of his 22 pass attempts. The sophomore QB completed 11 of those attempts for 150 yards, two TDs and, most importantly, no INTs.

Young rushed 14 times for 56 yards and was not sacked all night.

Brian Robison and Eric Hall put a halt to a DeCori Birmingham run.

Cedric Griffin cradles the ball after recovering a DeCori Birmingham fumble forced by Michael Huff early in the second quarter, thwarting an Arkansas drive inside the Texas 30.

Benson heads to the end zone for the go-ahead score in the third quarter after hauling in a Vince Young pass. The Texas QB had eluded one pass rusher and then just got the ball off to Benson as three more converged.

David Thomas is hauled down from behind, but not before converting a third-and-12 late in the third quarter, extending the drive that ended in Dusty Mangum's 41-yard field goal miss. Thomas caught two balls for 70 yards.

Kasey Studdard eyes the scoreboard as Arkansas drives late in the game.

Larry Dibbles makes the play of the game, poking the ball out of the grasp of Arkansas QB Matt Jones as the Hogs drove for the potential go-ahead score.

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