Spirit Gallery: Arkansas in Pictures

After spending some time with the good people of Arkansas over the weekend, it became readily apparent that Razorback fans have some issues with the Texas Longhorns. It also became clear that Razorback fans just love to make little signs or wear funny clothes to express their dislike for the Orange and White. That's what made the Longhorn victory over Arkansas so sweet. It might not have been pretty, but it's hard to look good when you have to wallow in pig-slop for the win.

Sometimes, the friendly folks from Arkansas held their welcome signs with one hand while toasting us with the other.

Others chose to post their welcome signs to a tree and give their visitors a big ol' Arkansas smile :-)

Still others chose to put their message right on the windows of their homes.

I toook this guy's picture just because he looked so, um......enthusiastic.

Once I made it down to the field, there were still more signs there to remind me of how much the good people of Arkansas just love the University of Texas.

Thank God! At long last, I was able to find a person who actually had a positive attitude about the Horns.

There were also quite a few brave UT fans who made the trip to Fayetteville.

A Texas cheerleader salutes the crowd after the final gun.

That's right buddy -- take a good long look at that scoreboard.

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