Recruiting: Conversation with Travis Leitko

Texas made a definite impression on The Woodlands DE.

HR: "Travis, how did your visit to Texas go?"

Travis: "It was real nice, I enjoyed it."

HR: "How does their Engineering Department stack up with the others you've seen? I know that's a key issue for you."

Travis: "Very well. It's geared towards the type of engineering degree that I'm looking for. I was impressed with the couselors that showed me around."

HR: "How does the football program stack up?"

Travis: "It's outstanding. Texas is a program that always has great potential."

 HR: "Are schools recruiting you solely as an end or have they talked about you possilbly moving inside?"

Travis: "As an end. It depends on if I grow into a 290-pound player or not, I could move inside, but I'm only 250 now. In A&M's 3-4, I would be a '5' technique. It's all outside for the moment."

HR: "What does your visit schedule look like now?"

Travis: "I visited Notre Dame in November and I'll visit Stanford January 11th, then Michigan January 18th."

HR: "Travis, thanks for the update and you guys have a Merry Christmas."

Travis: "Thanks and the same to you."

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