Recruiting: Vincent Young to Visit Miami

Heartland Recruiting's No. 1 player will visit Coral Gables on January 18th.

HR: "OK Vincent, tell me the sad story (about last Saturday)."

 Vincent: "It wasn't really sad, it's just one of those things that happen."

 HR: "I know you rang up 492 yards and six touchdowns, but I want to know about the interception. It appeared to be a timing pattern where you were throwing to a particular spot."

 Vincent: "It was. Our wide receiver ran the route a little wider than I anticipated and I never saw the guy (defender)."

 HR: "Your mom tells me you're already into basketball."

 Vincent: "Yeah, our next game is Thursday night. I may be ready by then."

 HR: "I know it's been crazy since Saturday, but have you have a chance to schedule any visits?"

 Vincent: "I have one scheduled to Miami for January 18th."

 HR: "Anyone else in the mix?"

 Vincent: "Texas and Arkansas. I was supposed to visit Texas last weekend, but couldn't due to the playoffs. I'll probably schedule both in January also."

 HR: "Are you playing in the U.S. Army All-Star game in San Antonio?"

 Vincent: "Yes sir, I will be playing in it."

 HR: "Well, thanks for calling me back and you guys have a Merry Christmas."

Vincent: "Thank you."

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