Upon Further Review, Robinson Thought 'D' Solid

From pressuring the QB to nearly 20 missed tackles, from forcing three turnovers to holding the Sooner offense to a pair of FGs for 52 minutes, Texas Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson evaluated his unit Tuesday following his first Red River Shootout.

But, first, Robinson talked about the turning point in the 12-0 game during his Tuesday press conference.

The turning point came in the fourth quarter when Texas had forced 2nd-and-long near mid-field following the fumble that led to OU's only (but ultimately game-clinching) TD drive of the soggy afternoon. That's when RB Adrian Peterson ripped off about 20 of his 225 yards. But if you think Robinson is about to show Peterson much love...

"We had performed pretty well throughout the afternoon but we didn't on that particular play," Robinson said. "It was a 20-yard run but we hurt ourselves. I'd like to give him credit but it wasn't (him); it was more us than it was him. It was unfortunate because it was such a critical time in the game. We were still fighting really bad to have some momentum. We still had some momentum even though we were down 6-0. If we could have stuffed them right there... I mean, who knows?"

As far as Peterson's 44-yard run from the Texas six on his first carry from scrimmage? Apparently, that had more to do with the Texas defense than the most famous Texan on the Sooner roster.

"That was the linebacker's situation," Robinson said. "He was not in position. He was not where he needed to be."

(Robinson does not single out individual player's for criticism but those who saw the play know that the linebacker goes by the name of Eric Hall). Regardless, the play cost Texas some field position -- but not points -- as the defense stiffened, forcing a Blake Ferguson punt.

"That wasn't a critical play (Peterson's run) because we made the most of it," Robinson said. "They're gonna make some plays. And their offense has a tendency to make your technique errors go up. They're an efficient offense but we survived the play."

Peterson has the makings to be a special running back but "it was more us than him," Robinson said.


There were times when it seemed Peterson would turn the corner all day against Texas, but Robinson insists it wasn't as bad as it might have appeared to some Orangebloods. And there is some concern that Texas will see it repeatedly this season against the woefully thin DE and SLB spots.

"After studying the film, we squelched it," he said. "They hit it three times, I thought. You have to have a special back to run that play but, once we got it in our gunsights, I think we played it well."

Added Robinson: "We stoned 'em on a number of plays. They have a good line and a good back, but what I like is that when we stoned 'em, we stoned 'em. It wasn't a leaky type thing where they fall forward for three yards. No, it was boom!, second-and-10, second-and-nine. We really pursued well. I thought we hit hard. Three turnovers was good. It was really that we had too many technique errors. That's the bottom line."


Depending on which defensive player or coach you ask, Texas missed 19-to-21 tackles against the Sooners. All agree that it was too many.

"Missing tackles has to do with what you're doing before the moment of truth," Robinson said. "It's 'why are you a split-second late?' It's technique oriented. It's about body-balance and not out of control. Those are things we work hard on. You've got to know your footing. I always talk about that."

These are the updated, and official UT defensive stats for the OU game: leading tackler was MLB Aaron Harris (18 total, 8 solo) followed by man-among-boys WLB Derrick Johnson (16 stops, INT, forced fumble). SS Michael Huff, who also played corner, registered 15 stops (11 solo, one INT).


"I think they were solid, I really do," Robinson said. "They really handled the double-team, really handled it better than they did the week before. I thought they played real hard. Even the backup made plays."

LDE Tim Crowder was credited with four tackles (three solo) while RDE Brian Robison register three (two solo).

(Personally, had Texas been able to hold OU to six points and had the offense been able to cross the goal line at least once for a 7-6 win, Robison's third-quarter play on Peterson at the goal line would have been Texas' defensive stop of the year. Robison was clearly gassed from chasing Peterson all afternoon but had that 'Enough is enough' look when, on 2nd-and-goal from the three, Robison threw Peterson for a 4-yard loss. Two plays later, the Sooners settled for their second field goal.)


"I think it was effective," Robinson said. "I think we're going to be just fine. We're going to build from this game."

QB Jason White was 14-of-26 passing for 113 yards, no TD and two INT. Of course, Peterson took much of the pressure of OU's passing game but, truth is, White was 17-of-21 for 290 yards and four TDs in last year's 65-13 debacle.

"I look forward to us playing again and seeing how much we can grow from what we experienced last week. I just think we're going to be better for all these things, including this week."

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