Recruiting: Perrilloux On Texas-OU, Greg Davis

Amid the wild speculation and just good old-fashioned message board gossip, went in-depth with Louisiana gunslinger <b>Ryan Perrilloux</b>. As usual, the Texas commit's candidness did not disappoint.

Perrilloux faced three key inquiries and answered the tough questions, including about his likely commitment status should (Longhorn OC) Greg Davis leave Austin, for whatever reason, at the end of this season. The answer to that, and more, below...

Before touching on the above, Ryan Perrilloux gave us his thoughts on the OU-Texas game...

"I thought that was a great game," said the nation's No. 3-ranked player overall. "The game actually made my commitment more solid. Because of the way their defense played. They have a real good program at UT and now they have a real good defense. The offense is struggling, but that's the aspect of the game that I can bring something to them. So..."

There's been some mention that Perrilloux said he might choose to decommit from the Horns and play elsewhere if Greg Davis was not at Texas after this season, but RP shot down that rumor.

"No... That's not true," he said. "I didn't say that. I am pretty solid to Texas right now. And, it's because of everything they offer. Not just one single person or single thing. It's their program, the defense, education, and the facilities..."

After surveying the Burnt Orange landscape, another concern being voiced by some Orangebloods has been the solidity of the 5-star passer's commitment to Texas, if he pursues plans to take official visits to other schools. It appears, Perrilloux is aware of that as well when he said, "I've thought about that a lot. Lots of rumors are flying around and so I may not take any additional official visits. Me and my family are tryin' to decide whether I want to take official visits or not. Really, lots and lots of rumors out there, so we might not. I just need to get with my family and we'll figure that out."

On the other side of the coin, several recruitniks have pointed to the work Perrilloux is putting in on the phone to woo national talents, such as Fred Rouse and Martellus Bennett, as a reason to assume that he is not wavering, even slightly, in his pledge to sign with UT. But just how close is he with Bennett and Rouse? And how often has he spoken to those two recruits about joining him on the Forty Acres?

"Martellus and I are real close," Perrilloux said. "That's my boy and we talk all the time. I call him. He calls me. We talk about lots of stuff, like how well we did in our games. And we talk about playing together."

"Fred is my boy too," Perrilloux continued. "We've been cool ever since we went to a camp in Florida. He's looking at FSU and Texas a lot. He still hasn't decided where he's going to go. He's right there in Tallahassee so FSU is looking real good to him too. But he's looking at Texas also."

Despite the various plots, twists and turns recruiting can take and the subsequent attention it continues to bring to the East St. John senior from Reserve, Louisiana, Perrilloux said he still enjoys the attention as well as the phone calls and interviews from the media. He's also incredibly candid and in high spirits each and every time we interview him. He's just a great person and one of the next collegiate superstars.

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