Recruiting: Reggie Youngblood Update

Houston Washington OT <b>Reginald Youngblood</b>, currently the No. 1-rated prospect in the state of Texas, talks recruiting, faves and more...

Asked what we thought about being rated No. 1 in the Lone Star State, Reginald Youngblood said, "I like that. I think I deserve it. I've been working very hard."

Dean: You had a chance to check out the OU-Texas game. What did you think about the game?

Reginald Youngblood: Good game. I thought it was a good effort from both defenses, but Texas' offense struggled.

Dean: Did either team gain an advantage in terms of potentially landing a verbal commitment from you?

RY: Yes, (OU) kind of did. They've been beatin' (UT) for the last four-five games and that kind of catches your attention. I want to go some place where they're winning conferences, championships, a place where you can play in a BCS bowl game.

Dean: Following up on that, if Texas runs the table and qualifies for a BCS bowl, would that move them up a bit?

RY: That would help them. I'd like to see them play in a BCS bowl and not another Holiday Bowl.

Dean: You have yet to take any official visits, yet you've had two teams out in front. Is that still the case today?

RY: Yes, OU and Miami are my top two teams.

Dean: Any official visit dates set up for the Canes and Sooners?

RY: I'm going to Miami December 10. I was going to set one up the second week of December to OU, but they (Oklahoma coaches) told me not to do that. They said they'll be playing in the Big 12 championship game that week (laughing) and to set one up for another date.

Dean: You recently told me the next group of teams on your list is fighting for a spot on your official visit agenda. But you said Tennessee will "probably" get a visit.

RY: Yes, I think I'll probably visit them. And then LSU, Texas, Florida and Florida State, I'll wait and see.

Additional Note: Youngblood said reinserting Florida back into his list of favorites has a lot to do with the fact that they're losing six offensive linemen this year.

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