Current Commit Update: Roddrick Muckelroy

Hallsville LB (and UT commit) <b>Roddrick Muckelroy</b> drops a dime on with 411 relating to his thoughts on the Texas-OU game, and even more important, scoop on his current qualification status and health...

"I'm all set to go to Texas," Roddrick Muckelroy told "My guidance counselor said, 'You're good to go!' My core GPA is 2.846 and I scored a 64 on my ACT."

That 64 breaks down to a 16. But with core GPA being weighted more in terms of eligibility on the new sliding scale, his counselor said the 16 on the ACT qualifies him...

Thoughts on the Texas-Oklahoma game?

"I didn't get a chance to see all of it, but I did see the (Longhorn) defense playing really well," Muckelroy said. "The (Texas) offense wasn't rollin'. They couldn't get into the endzone."

Regarding his commitment to UT, Muckelroy said, "I'm all Texas. That's where I always wanted to go and that's where I'm going."

The 4-star linebacker from Hallsville even has the blessing of his girlfriend Zamaria Hale to attend The University at Austin.

"I told her, 'I'm going to Texas.' She said she was fine with me going where I wanted to go as long as I don't go too far away. And, Texas ain't too far away."

High School Notes: The Hallsville LB has accumulated at or about 74 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 FFs and 3-4 FRs. He suffered a shot to his knee earlier this season when playing running back also. But Muckelroy has since stayed on D only and said his knee is doing better, but said, "It's still sore."

Get Well Soon!

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