Perrilloux: 'I committed to Texas for everything'

East St. John QB <b>Ryan Perrilloux</b> expands upon his recent comments to both and some members of the Austin and Dallas media about his pledge to the Longhorns and UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis' role in landing and keeping that pledge.

"I committed to Texas for everything," Ryan Perrilloux said. "I committed because of the players and coaches, the facilities, the defense and because of Vince Young. Vince really made me feel comfortable, like he wanted me there and just made me feel like Texas is where I wanted to be."

Taking all of the above into account, the Davis situation still factors (largely) into the totality of reasons the 5-star gunslinger opted for the Burnt Orange, but it isn't a situation where it was just a "one person or coach" kind of deal that made him want to go to the Forty Acres.

"It's not just one person or coach, but Greg Davis is one of the main reasons I committed," Perrilloux explained. "I just feel more confident if he was there and I have a lot of confidence in him, as well as in all the other coaches and players at Texas also."

And if Davis is handed his walking papers, would he still want to remain in the Longhorn camp?

"Yes, I would," Perrilloux said, "But I would just want to see what they're (Mack Brown and Co.) going to do. Still, I feel like Texas is where I want to be no matter what. But I would feel a lot better if Coach Davis stays in Austin."

Asked if he felt like this whole thing about him being solid to Texas is being blown out of proportion, Perrilloux said, "Yes, I think so. I think it is."

However, there are a few schools unleashing everything they've got. In the update prior to this particular interview, the QB from Reserve, Louisiana, said he and his family would sit down and discuss whether taking official visits to places other than Austin made sense for them.

"We still haven't decided on that yet," Perrilloux said. "We will let you know as soon as we do. Right now, though, I'm concentrating more on my season."

The schools calling each and every week that actually have a shot to land an official visit, save Texas?

"It's really Miami, Florida State, Kansas State and LSU," the 6-1.5/6-2, 210-pounder said. "They're all coming after me equally the same. Not one of them is recruiting me harder than the other. And if I did decide to take some official visits, it would go to those schools."

High School Notes/Stats: Perrilloux has already thrown for 2,100 yards and 21 TDs and rushed for 700 yards and 21 TDs. That's a total of 42 TDs with two more regular season games remaining, and then the playoffs. Kid is ringing it up and has led his team to a 6-2 record in 8 games. That's an impressive record considering how tough of a district he has to play in. Perrilloux said they're saying 4-5 teams will make the playoffs from his district alone.

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