Horns Creeping Up The Rankings

The Texas football team rose to No. 6 in the Associated Press poll and No. 7 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll released on Sunday after the Longhorns (7-1) defeated Colorado 31-7.

Texas head coach Mack Brown is pleased with the ranking but knows the season is far from over.

"Obviously we're in a good position," Brown said Sunday, "but we have to be good enough and to have the energy to keep winning."

With a couple of upsets over the weekend, the polls shuffled some of the top 10 rankings. With a crushing victory over Washington State, USC (8-0) remains atop both polls. Oklahoma State played Oklahoma about even, but the Sooners (8-0) were able to fend off an upset and win 38-35 to stay at No. 2 in the polls. Auburn (9-0) held on to the No. 3 spot in both polls following a 35-14 win over Ole Miss. California (6-1) climbed to No. 4 in the AP (No. 6 in Coaches) after shutting out Arizona State. An undefeated Wisconsin (8-0) squad trails California at No. 5 (No. 4 in Coaches).

At No. 7 in the AP (No. 8 in Coaches), unbeaten Utah (8-0) remains just behind the No. 6 Longhorns. Georgia (7-1) grabbed the No. 8 position in the AP (No. 5 in Coaches), followed by Tennessee (7-1) at No. 9 (No. 11 in Coaches). Michigan (8-1) overcame a 17-point deficit to defeat in-state rival Michigan State and rounds out the top tier at No. 10 in the AP (No. 9 in Coaches).

After a shocking 31-28 loss to North Carolina, Miami (6-1) dropped out of the top 10 in the AP but managed to remain at No. 10 in the Coaches poll. The state of Florida also took another blow in the polls, as previously No. 5 Florida State (6-2) fell to No. 13 in both polls following a surprising 20-17 loss to Maryland.

In what may be the biggest upset of the week, Texas A&M (6-2) fell victim to Baylor in a 35-34 overtime defeat. The loss dropped the Aggies to No. 22 in both rankings. After losing to OU by just a field goal, Oklahoma State (6-2) dropped slightly in the polls to No. 19.

Like last season, Texas needs to continue to win and hope for some help in the polls.

"Last year, we took care of what we could take care of, and then it didn't work for us," said Brown. "It was disappointing not to be in the BCS being Number 5 in the country."

The Longhorns host Oklahoma State on Saturday at 6 p.m. in a TBS broadcast.

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