Two More to Go for Edorian McCullough

The speedster from North Garland has two more visits to take and the field remains wide open.

HR: "Edorian, it's been awhile. How was your Holiday?"

Edorian: "It was real good."

HR: "Why weren't you down in San Antonio last weekend?"

Edorian: "I'm already concentrating on track now."

HR: "What about your last two visits? Are you going to Oklahoma this weekend?

Edorian: (Pause) "I don't know. I hear that coach (Bob) Stoops is leaving."

HR: "It's being widely reported this afternoon that coach Stoops will remain at Oklahoma.'

Edorian: "Is that true? Well, that's good, because if he left, I doubt that I'd make the trip.

HR: "Now, what about the 18th, are you still visiting Texas?"

Edorian: "Yes sir. I'm still planning on making that one too.

HR: "Edorian, thanks for the update and I'll be checking back with you later.

Edorian: "No problem."

McCullough was named the Most Versatile Player on HR's Texas Super Team.

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