Recruiting: Michael Houston Update

Denver Montbello RB <b>Michael Houston</b> tripped to UT officially for the Oklahoma State game and absolutely fell in love. The Horns will be tough to beat, no doubt.

But so far, Houston plans on giving UCLA an official visit the weekend of Dec. 3, in large part due to the recruiting efforts of Bruin RB Coach Eric Bieniemy and he may or may not be done with official visits after that. But some think a decision could be made shortly after that...

That said, let's look at what Michael Houston had to say about his official visit to the Capital City.

"Ahh man, it was nice... Man, it was off-the-hook. I felt very comfortable with it, with the coaches and players and fans. It was a blast. Over exciting. It was tight."

Houston said he spent a lot of time hangin' with player host Matt Melton, but that he also got a lot of face time with the Texas coaching staff.

"I spent a lot of time talking to Coach (Mike) Haywood and Coach (Bobby) Kennedy," Houston said. "Coach Haywood is real cool. I like him a lot. And, every back that has played for him has done real well. And Coach Kennedy is from Colorado. He showed me a lot of love since he's from Colorado too. He's real cool."

The 6-0, 225-pounder said he also spent a lot of time with head coach Mack Brown and that he really enjoyed talking to Coach Maddog (Madden).

Still, Houston will take an official to UCLA.

"Coach Bieniemy is recruiting me," Houston said. "He's a real fine coach, real cool and they don't have a big 'back."

"But," Houston continued, "What it seems like to me is the Texas situation at running back is a little better because right now they don't have any real backs they can count on right now."

Dean: Could you make a decision after the UCLA visit?

Houston: If I don't take official visits to Iowa State or CU. But those aren't definite. I haven't set them up yet. And, I don't know if I will.

Regular Season HS Stats (Senior year): 1200 yards, (7.6 ypc), 25 TDs.

Academics: GPA: 3.5, ACT: 19

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