Brown 'Excited' By Texas' Passing Game

QB Vince Young has passed for more yards during the past two games than in the past five contests combined. It's no wonder that head coach Mack Brown, for the first time this season, is gushing over Texas' passing attack.

"We're really excited about the passing game now," Brown said. "We had about six hundred yards Saturday and about 300 each way (passing and rushing). The perfect numbers for us would be 500 total yards of offense, and get 250 rushing and 250 passing. That's what we're looking for, but we can actually go into games now like the last two weeks preparing to throw the ball a lot more and feel comfortable with it."

For the record, Texas tallied 581 total yards in that 27-23 comeback against Kansas. But the real story is that Young has posted back-to-back career outings to twice rally Texas from the brink of disaster to improve to 15-2 as a starter and post a No. 5 BCS rating. Young, of course, has had to overcome his own mistakes (four INT, two TD passes) during the past two games. But what we've seen from Young the past couple of weeks is that he has finally emerged as a dual-threat QB in the post-Roy Williams era.

During the comeback wins against Kansas and Oklahoma State, Young was 40-of-61 for 567 yards (completing 65.5 percent of his passes). In the previous five contests, Young was 44-of-82 for 507 yards (53.6 percent). In addition, Young has carried the ball 31 times for 237 yards (that's 7.6 ypc). It may be premature, but it's possible that when the book is closed on Young's collegiate career, Orangebloods will point to these couple of weeks as the moment when Young came into his own as the Texas quarterback.

"We've been running the ball as well as anybody in the country," Brown said. "In fact, better than most people. We've thrown it inconsistently throughout the year but the last two weeks, Vince has been great and our receivers are stepping up."

VY is quick to complement his O-line and receivers. Young's emergence coincides with that of RS-freshman WR Limas Sweed who has 120 yards on 10 grabs the past two weeks. Still, KU schemed to take away Texas' running game primarily through a heavier blitz package than Young anticipated.

"When they do that, we can go to the passing game and start hurting those guys and they'll start to back off," Young said. "We're being real balanced right now. Whatever they throw at us, we're doing good with it."

The Horns have a bye week before facing traditional rival Texas A&M on Friday, November 26.

"It's a week to reflect on our season, on who we are and what we've done well, and what we still need to fix and change over the next ten days," Brown said. "More than anything else, guys get spent. It's been a long, hard season and it's been a fun season for us. But it's time to get some guys well as you prepare for Texas A&M."

The Longhorn-Aggie game will be televised nationally, 2:30 p.m. (CST) on ABC.

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