Reggie Youngblood: Breaking It Down-Part 2

With <b>Reggie Youngblood</b> nearing the start of his official visit tour we take you a bit further inside with regard to what the coaches from his top five programs (LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas) are telling the Texas Hot 100 No. 1. This will close out our two-part series (Youngblood: Breaking It Down) on the 6-5, 285-pounder...<p>

In the recruitment of Reginald Youngblood, we touched on several factors in our first segment of this two-part series (available by simply Clicking Here). But we wanted to delve even deeper in this interview and we start by examining the 'playing time' angle while mixing in the 'playing for championships' angle as well as the position coach factor as much as possible...

Youngblood's listing the Sooners as a Co-No. 1 to land his signature is in large part due to his desire to play early. OU losing bookend tackles Jammal Brown and Wes Sims after this season is not lost on the Bayou City superstar.

"Playing time is a big deal and it looks good for me at Oklahoma," Youngblood said.

Bob Stoops and Co., of course, are telling him that they play true freshmen, including two-time Remington finalist Vince Carter.

"Vince Carter started as a true freshman and all you have to do is look at Adrian Peterson to believe that Coach Stoops is talking to you straight."

[Sooner Extra: "Coach (Kevin) Wilson is a great offensive line coach and if I go there I can block for Adrian Peterson."]

The Longhorns, in regard to offering early playing time, counter with this:

"They (Texas) have an All-American at guard in Justin Blalock who is playing tackle for them," Youngblood said. "They want to move him inside and they're saying I can come in an fight for that spot. They're saying I can come in and play right tackle for a year and then I can move to left tackle after Jonathan Scott leaves."

[Horn Extra: Youngblood said coming in and playing under UT OL coach Mac McWhorter is very appealing. Also listing playing in BCS bowls/championship as being a component, Youngbood considers Texas to be actually meeting that despite the fact that the BCS may not select the Horns (No. 5 in the BCS) for a second year in a row.]

Of course, playing time being the overwhelming factor is not supported when you spot Miami being listed along with OU as Youngblood's Co-No. 1 as he explains below....

"Well, before Eric Winston got hurt," said Youngblood weighing in on what the Canes are telling him, "I thought I could go in and take his place. But now that he got hurt, he's going to come back another year. So, if I go there I can go in and study under him. He can mentor me for a year and then I'll play."

[Cane Extra: The factors largely responsible for UM being Co-No. 1? Their offensive line coaching (Art Kehoe) and "playing for championships."]

LSU's pitch with regard to early playing time?

"Herman Johnson is more of a right tackle. They have a left tackle too, but I can go in and compete and could probably win the job."

[Tiger Extra: A future line boasting bookend tackles like Herman Johnson and Reggie Youngblood is something the No. 1 OT in the nation said is very interesting to him, not mention, "That would be cool."]

Regarding playing time, what does Tennessee offer up?

Phillip Fulmer and Gang offer up the fact that they're losing Anthony Munoz and that he could probably come in and win the vacancy at that position.]

[Vols Extra: Fulmer being a former offensive line coach and committed to bringing in good offensive linemen resonates well with Youngblood.]

Having wrapped up the topics in this interview, the interview preceding this one touches on several other key aspects, not to mention arguably the most important one, the official visit and each team's chance to make him feel more at home in their program vs. the others, otherwise known as the "comfortability" factor. It is just as large as any other component and that kicks off next week with Youngblood's first scheduled official visit to LSU (December 3-5). Trips to Miami (Dec 10-12) and OU (Dec 17-19) will immediately follow and official visits to Tennessee and Texas will be scheduled for the month of January.

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