No Poll Move For Horns Despite Solid Win

The Texas football team stayed put at No. 5 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll and No. 6 in the Associated Press poll released on Sunday after defeating Texas A&M 26-13.

Texas head coach Mack Brown’s post-game plea to the voters to help push Texas higher in rank proved unsuccessful, as UT did not climb any spots in the human polls even with the solid victory over the rival Aggies. Matter of fact, the Horns lost ground to idle Cal in total points in the Coaches poll despite a convincing win over a top 25 team. The Golden Bears climbed from 1299 total points last week to 1314 this week (a gain of 15), while Texas went from 1260 total points last week to 1266 this week (a gain of just six, nine less than Cal). The total points available in the Coaches poll is 1575.

The Horns gained a bit relative to the Golden Bears in the AP, moving from 1323 total points to 1325 total points this week (a gain of two), while Cal dropped from 1413 last week to 1410 this week (a loss of three, for a total net gain by UT of five). The total points available in the Coaches poll is 1625. Two-thirds of the BCS formula is based on the polls (one-third for each human poll) and another third for the computer average.

In other words, it looks like Texas must rely on a pretty hefty computer average move to pass Cal in the BCS. Those rankings will be released Monday morning.

The top 10 rankings in the human polls remained almost identical from last week’s results.

Southern California held onto its top spot in both polls after crushing Notre Dame 41-10. Oklahoma had a bye week and remained at No. 2 in the polls, and a bye week also kept Auburn at No. 3.

California managed to hold onto its No. 4 spot just ahead of the Longhorns in the polls during an idle week. Utah stayed above Texas at No. 5 in the AP poll but behind the Horns at No. 6 in the Coaches poll.

Georgia and Louisville remained flip-flopped in the two polls with Georgia holding the No. 7 position in the Coaches poll (No. 8 in AP) and Louisville claiming that No. 7 spot in the AP poll (No. 8 in Coaches).

Miami held onto the No. 9 spot in both polls after an idle week. With a 58-21 win over Nevada, Boise State rounds out the top tier at No. 10 in the Coaches poll (No. 11 in AP), while Virginia Tech claimed the No. 10 slot in the AP poll (No. 11 in Coaches).

Texas Tech climbed back into the rankings after defeating Oklahoma State 31-15. The Red Raiders moved up to No. 24 in the AP poll and all the way up to No. 20 in the Coaches poll after being unranked last week.

Texas A&M is the only other Big 12 conference team to crack the top 25, as the Aggies stayed at No. 22 in the AP poll but dropped to No. 25 in the Coaches poll following the loss to Texas.

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