Perrilloux Responds to Recent Internet Speculation

We caught up with Reserve, Louisiana QB <b>Ryan Perrilloux</b> to talk official visit agenda, UT and LSU, recent internet gossip, and more...<p>

With the high school season ending for East St. John in a 62-42 loss to Shreveport Evangel, Ryan Perrilloux is not necessarily in the best of spirits, but he took time to comment on his team's playoff run.

"We were in it (in the 4th Quarter), at the 9-minute mark of the game," said the state's top prospect. "It was 35-35. But we had a couple of costly mistakes on offense and they turned that into two TDs. From there, we just couldn't fight back."

With his final season of high school ball in the books, the 5-star passer can spend a little more time on the recruiting game.

Asked about his official visit agenda, Perrilloux said he will officially visit "Texas (and will take his "whole family") 12/10 and LSU 1/28."

"I'm going to try to take an official visit to Florida State (1/21) and a mid-week visit to K-State (Kansas State) after the FSU visit, sometime that week," said the 6-1.5/6-2, 210-pounder. "But, I'm not sure if I'll definitely take those visits because I'm playing basketball. And, those visits are during my basketball season, so it depends."

With reports of prognosticators calling Perrilloux's impending decision a 50-50 toss-up between the Horns and Tigers, the Nation's #4 said, "Nahh, not at all. It's about 65-35 in favor of Texas."

Also, some rumors out there have the East St. John prep being told by Nick Saban that he'll start next year ahead of JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn, but Perrilloux shot those rumors down: "Coach Saban never said that. He's just telling me that I can come in and compete early, you know, the situation there (at QB regarding the depth chart)."

And is that situation better for him in Baton Rouge?

"The situation at Texas is way better," Perilloux said. "Vince is older and he'll be a RS-junior. Russell will be a RS-sophomore. And, Vince has a good shot of leaving early also. As hard as he's working on his passing, he's going to get better and he said he wants to leave early. That's what he wants to do. He also said he's going to take me under his wing and show me the ins and outs of the offense."

Asked if he had a message for the nervous Longhorn fans out there, Perrilloux said, "Yeah. They don't have nothin' to worry about."

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