Recruiting: Rouse's Mom Comments on UT, Mack Brown

Speaking with <b>Fred Rouse</b> this weekend in the locker room after the U.S. Army All-American game provided the opportunity not only to interview Rouse face-to-face but also to speak with his mother <b>Ketronda Jackson</b>. We give you that in-person interview with Rouse's mother and more…

After speaking with Fred Rouse in the West locker room Saturday, we visited with Ketronda Jackson, Rouse's mother… Asked what about the Longhorns had her wanting Fred to go to Texas, Mrs. Jackson said, "I really like Mack Brown. He's a father figure, always asking me questions about Fred, like, ‘Is he okay?' or, ‘How is he doing?' and just basically acts like he really cares about him."

Another reason the Horns sit in very good stead with the mother of the top receiver in the nation is due to the fact that the UT head man has spent a lot of time speaking with mom as well.

"None of the other coaches do that," she revealed. "When Mack Brown calls, he makes it a point to talk with me also. And that's something that I have noticed also. And, I just feel like that's the best place for my son."

Speaking with Rouse the other day, he said his mom wants him out of Florida. That she's thinking he needs to go to an out-of-state school, which if he does in fact take that advice, the Crimson Tide the Horns will battle for Rouse's Singing Day signature, not the 'Canes and 'Noles.

Stay tuned…

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