Who's Going To Land Martellus Bennett?

Caught up with <b>Martellus Bennett</b> of Houston, Texas to grab a quick update on his official visit to LSU this past weekend, the cons on each of his three finalists (LSU, Texas, Texas A&M) before he makes his announcement on Fox Sports Southwest at 10 pm Monday night, and any last-minute details he'd like to add before his gig on T.V. Well, it's a shocker, I tell you. For that, and more, read on below…<p>

"It was straight, it was cool," Bennett said of his official visit to Baton Rouge. "I like Coach Les Miles a lot. And, I really enjoyed hangin' out with the people there more than anything."

Bennett said his trip to LSU keeps them in the mix with UT and TAMU.

Asked to give us the cons on each school, we start with LSU…

"Basically, I would have to say that there's no guarantee that they'll get a new offense installed this year to have a great season in their first year running the new offense."


"The wide receivers were really inexperienced last year, so they may not throw the ball to the tight end as often as they did last year. Because UT's wide receivers are probably going to get a lot better next season."

Texas A&M?

"They don't have a history of throwing to the tight end."

Finally, on his thoughts about his decision and what he'd like to add with it only hours away, Bennett added this little detail: "I'm telling you, I'm going to shock everyone with my decision."

Chalk up another prospect declaring that he is going to shock everybody with his announcement, and he's just a 5-star prospect, who we have either from Bennett himself (or via sources) as having committed to Miami, Texas, and then Texas A&M so far. So who knows where he's going to wind up? Could it be LSU? That would be about par for the course.

That said here's my prediction. It's a two-team race, between Texas and Texas A&M. And, I'm going with Texas A&M, in a shocker over Texas…

IMO, the family more than likely prefers to travel to just one team's stadium on Saturdays, and the only way that is possible is if Martellus joins his brother Michael Bennett in committing to A&M. Having said that, ask me how confident I am in that prediction and I'd say about the odds of flipping a coin and calling heads or tails correctly. In other words, would not surprise me in the least for Bennett to pick UT either. I recently opted with the Horns when making this prediction not but a day ago, so clearly I'm in the dark as much as anybody else. However, it is now put up or shut up time, and I'm going with the Aggies.

So, what would classify as a complete shock? That would have to be Bennett electing to announce in favor of the Tigers. Perhaps that is what the 6-7, 240-pound tight end was referring to when he said he was going to shock everybody with his decision tonight.

Everybody tune in tonight because the stage has been set…

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