Recruiting: Marquis Johnson Injury Update

The talented wide receiver recently suffered a knee injury while playing basketball.

Marquis wasn't home when HR called on Friday night, but his father, Morris Campbell, was. He was asked about the extent of Marquis' injury.

"The doctors told us that he suffered a torn ACL," Mr. Campbell said. "We don't know all the specifics yet. They are talking about surgery in three-to-four weeks.

Mr. Campbell was asked what exactly happened.

"It was strange," he continued. "Marquis was having his best game of the season, that turned into his worst. He went down with only six seconds remaining in the game."

"I really didn't want him to play basketball, but it's his favorite sport and he is an athlete. It's tough to tell him not to play."

Mr. Campbell was also asked about rehab time and the possibility of redshirting his first season.

"It's too early to tell," he said. "It depends on the individual and the extent of the injury. I believe Marquis will have the desire and ability to bounce back very quickly."

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