Waco Combine: Montre Webber Q&A

WACO, Texas -- Hearne, Texas junior wide receiver Montre Webber talks about his commitment to Texas, his football skills and his relationship with Coach Brown during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas on Sunday at the combine at Baylor University.

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Inside Texas: You committed to Texas on Junior Day in late February. Why did you decide to make your decision so quickly?

Webber: It’s a school I’ve always wanted to go to. Basically, I like the way they treat you. They treat everybody the same. It feels like home there. Plus, I’m close to home. It’s like an hour from my house.

Inside Texas: How solid is your commitment?

Webber: It’s solid, 100 percent. A lot of schools have been calling, but I’ve been letting them know that I’m committed to Texas.

Inside Texas: What schools continue to call you?

Webber: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Nebraska and Baylor. That’s about it really.

Inside Texas: What do you tell those schools?

Webber: I’m done. I’ve committed and I’m going to Texas.

Inside Texas: What schools have offered you?

Webber: Baylor, Northwestern, LSU, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, but I’m staying with Texas.

Inside Texas: Do you plan on taking official visits to any other school besides Texas this fall?

Webber: No. I’ll take my one to Texas and that’ll be it.

Inside Texas: How do you see yourself fitting in at Texas?

Webber: I’ll probably redshirt my first year. I think I should fit in real good.

Inside Texas: What is your height and weight?

Webber: I’m 6-foot-2 and 187 pounds.

Inside Texas: What are your strengths as a football player?

Webber: My speed and my height. That allows me to run past defenders and out-jump them.

Inside Texas: In what areas do you need improvement?

Webber: My footwork, so I can become a more polished receiver.

Inside Texas: Who are you comparable to as a football player?

Webber: Roy Williams.

Inside Texas: Why?

Webber: He goes up and gets the ball. He’s long and runs past defenders.

Inside Texas: How often do you talk with the Texas coaching staff?

Webber: At least twice a week.

Inside Texas: What Texas coach do you usually talk to?

Webber: Coach Kennedy.

Inside Texas: What do the two of you talk about?

Webber: Schoolwork basically. They want me to get my grades and not worry about the sports.

Inside Texas: What is your grade situation?

Webber: My grades are perfect.

Inside Texas: Does that mean you will be a full qualifier?

Webber: Yes sir.

Inside Texas: What is your grade point average?

Webber: 3.2.

Inside Texas: Have you taken the ACT or SAT yet?

Webber: No sir, but I know I’m going to pass either of them.

Inside Texas: When will you graduate?

Webber: Next May.

Inside Texas: What are your plans for this summer?

Webber: Getting bigger.

Inside Texas: Will you be attending any camps this summer?

Webber: Yeah, the Texas mini-camp.

Inside Texas: How do you describe your relationship with Coach Brown?

Webber: He’s like a father figure. He’s very cool and straightforward. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Inside Texas: What do you remember most from your Junior Day experience?

Webber: Talking to Vince Young and Michael Huff. They were real cool. They said everybody there is treated like family. Ain’t nobody treat you different.

Inside Texas: How does it feel to be committed to Texas?

Webber: Great. I’m just glad they offered and that I’ve got it all over with.

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