Sherrod Harris-Family To Play Big Part In Decision

WACO, Texas -- Arlington Bowie junior quarterback Sherrod Harris talks about his commitment status, weighs in on his interest in Texas and reveals the single factor that will have the biggest influence on his college choice during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas on Sunday at the combine at Baylor University.

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Inside Texas: You haven’t participated in any of the testing today. Why?

Harris: I’m just not running, because I strained my hamstring recently in an AAU basketball game. I just want to be safe.

Inside Texas: What is your current commitment status?

Harris: A long time ago, I was thinking about committing on Signing Day. I scooted it up a little bit. I think I’m going to do it before football season. Like a week before.

Inside Texas: What schools are you considering?

Harris: Texas, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State and Duke.

Inside Texas: What schools are in your top three?

Harris: Texas, Stanford and Georgia Tech.

Inside Texas: What do you like about Texas?

Harris: Location and academics. My mom loves the way they have the (coaches’ wives) involved in the program too.

Inside Texas: What do you like about Stanford?

Harris: Academics. I also love that Walt Harris is the quarterback’s coach. He was a good coach at Pitt.

Inside Texas: What do you like about Georgia Tech?

Harris: Coach Gailey. He was a NFL coach, so he knows what it takes to get there.

Inside Texas: Why have you decided to move up making your college choice?

Harris: I didn’t want to have to wait. I do still want to get my teammates involved and help them get some exposure, but I don’t want them thinking it’s on my mind through games and stuff.

Inside Texas: You mentioned Texas first in your top three. Are they your current leader?

Harris: They’ve got the lean with location. In academics, Stanford has that. I’m taking in both options.

Inside Texas: Are you going to take any unofficial visits this summer?

Harris: Yes. I haven’t made any yet. June 4-10, I’ll be in Austin for government Boys State. I think I’m going to go over there and just check out the campus. (Texas commitment) Buck Burnette will also be at Boys State. We’ll probably go over there on Sunday, June 5. Then, I’ll be at their camp on June 12th.

Inside Texas: How is the rest of your summer setting up?

Harris: Right now, I’m just hoping I get into the Elite 11, that way I’ll be able to go check out Stanford, which is about 20 minutes away.

Inside Texas: Besides academics and location, what else do you like about Texas?

Harris: Playing time would work there. The depth chart to go to Texas right now is just open. They have Vince Young, who may leave, and Colt McCoy, who nobody should sleep on. He’s a sleeper. He’s coming out as a three-star and could potentially be a great college quarterback. You just have a chance to compete there.

Inside Texas: What are your strengths as a football player?

Harris: I have the ability to run and I can throw. I have an all right mind.

Inside Texas: In what areas do you need improvement?

Harris: Balance. I can just work on everything.

Inside Texas: For those who haven’t seen you play, is there someone you are comparable to as a quarterback?

Harris: No sir.

Inside Texas: No one?

Harris: I don’t want to compare myself to anybody.

Inside Texas: Today obviously isn’t your first time to see some of the other recruits who are here. Who will you make sure you talk with before you leave?

Harris: (Texas commitments) Brian Ellis and Phillip Payne. There are a couple of others cats out here. Preston Jenkins, who had a great game against us last year.

Inside Texas: Are Ellis and Payne on you a lot about Texas?

Harris: Phillip Payne really is. He tries his best to get me to commit immediately. He just won’t leave me alone…(laughing).

Inside Texas: Today, he said he thought you would end up at Texas. What is your response to that?

Harris: I don’t have a response to that right now.

Inside Texas: You really don’t?

Harris: No sir.

Inside Texas: What is your height and weight?

Harris: 6-foot-2 1/2 and 207 pounds.

Inside Texas: What were your statistics last season?

Harris: Passing, I was 73 of 216 for 896 yards with four touchdowns and eight interceptions. I had 43 rushing attempts for 692 yards and six touchdowns.

Inside Texas: What schools seem to be the most active in your recruiting?

Harris: It’s seems like Utah and Minnesota. They just started coming on strong pretty much this last week. Northwestern is in there too.

Inside Texas: What kind of relationship do you have with Coach Brown?

Harris: It’s great. I love talking to Coach Brown. I talk to him probably once a week. Coach Chambers, Coach Davis and Coach Brown always call my coach to figure out how I’m doing, making sure I’m staying out of trouble and putting in a lot of work.

Inside Texas: Did you follow the saga of Ryan Perrilloux and Texas closely?

Harris: At the time, I didn’t that much. I was just disappointed that he took away a commitment that he had given. That seemed not to be right at all. That’s not the type of person I’m ever going to be like.

Inside Texas: So once you decide on a school, that’s where you will go?

Harris: Yes.

Inside Texas: Are you eligible to graduate high school early?

Harris: No sir.

Inside Texas: What is your qualifying status?

Harris: I have a 4.2 GPA on a four-point scale. I made a 1310 on my SAT.

Inside Texas: Are you beginning to feel any pressure about your college choice?

Harris: No. I like to talk to people, so I don’t mind. Whenever coaches call, I’m just, ‘Hey!"

Inside Texas: In the end, what will be the single most important factor in your college choice?

Harris: My family decisions.

Inside Texas: What does that entail exactly?

Harris: Where my mom and my father feel like is the best place for me.

Inside Texas: Have either of them expressed their desire as to where they would like you to go?

Harris: My mom likes Texas a lot. My dad says we’re still evaluating, but my mom likes Texas.

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