Waco Combine: J'Marcus Webb Q&A

WACO, Texas -- Mesquite junior offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb talks about his commitment to Texas, his summer plans and his qualifying status during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas on Sunday at the combine at Baylor University.

Inside Texas: You committed to Texas in late March. Why the quick decision?

Webb: I really wanted to get it over with. I just wanted to finish up my school year and I really like Texas.

Inside Texas: What schools did you pick Texas over?

Webb: OU, pretty much.

Inside Texas: How solid is your commitment?

Webb: It’s pretty solid. I’m pretty excited about it.

Inside Texas: Is there a chance you might not honor your commitment to Texas?

Webb: No sir.

Inside Texas: Are other schools still pursuing you?

Webb: No, not really. Everybody’s backed off.

Inside Texas: Do any schools still call you?

Webb: No. Nobody does.

Inside Texas: Besides taking an official visit to Texas, will you take any other official visits this fall?

Webb: I’ll probably just take the one to Texas.

Inside Texas: What do you like specifically about Texas?

Webb: I’ve heard a lot of good things about the coaches, so I really like that. Plus, I had a chance to meet them. I just like the whole school.

Inside Texas: How do you see yourself fitting in at Texas?

Webb: I don’t know.

Inside Texas: Do you anticipate playing as a true freshman?

Webb: I really see myself redshirting, but I don’t know.

Inside Texas: What is your height and weight?

Webb: I’m 6-foot-7 and weigh 260-something pounds.

Inside Texas: What are your strengths as a football player?

Webb: My pass protection. I’ve got a little bit better at run-blocking, so that’s a plus for me. I’m getting stronger and that should pay off.

Inside Texas: In what areas do you need improvement?

Webb: My speed, but everybody needs to work on their speed. I also need to work on my strength in my arms and legs.

Inside Texas: Who are you comparable to as a football player?

Webb: I can’t think of anybody at all.

Inside Texas: How much do you talk to the Texas coaching staff?

Webb: Once a week pretty much.

Inside Texas: What Texas coach do you talk to the most?

Webb: Bobby Kennedy and Coach McWhorter, the offensive line coach.

Inside Texas: What do you talk about with those coaches?

Webb: You know, to make sure that I still like Texas.

Inside Texas: What are your plans for this summer?

Webb: I’ve got to get a job. I’ve got do this weightlifting program and what not.

Inside Texas: Are you going to any camps this summer?

Webb: I’m going to the one-day Texas camp, but my money issue is kind of bad, so I’m pretty much not going to any other camps.

Inside Texas: What is your qualifying status?

Webb: I really don’t know, but the last time I checked I had 2.95. I’m trying to get it up to a 3.0.

Inside Texas: Have you taken the ACT or SAT?

Webb: Yeah, I didn’t do so good on the ACT. I’m hoping my SAT will pull through. I took it like two weeks ago.

Inside Texas: Do you feel like you are on pace to qualify?

Webb: Yes sir.

Inside Texas: What kind of relationship do you have with Coach Brown?

Webb: It’s pretty good. He’s a good guy. He’s pretty straightforward, so I like that.

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