Mack Brown said Thursday after his team's 10th spring workout, a scrimmage at DKR."> Mack Brown said Thursday after his team's 10th spring workout, a scrimmage at DKR.">

Brown: 'We're developing more depth'

"We're trying to get guys to separate and figure out who would be on the two-deep starting in August," <B>Mack Brown</B> said Thursday after his team's 10th spring workout, a scrimmage at DKR.

One of the best ways to determine which players the coaches are considering for spots on that two-deep (and, more specifically, those on the two-deep that they are considering for use as substitutes with a game on the line in the fall) is noting the guys that get even a brief look with the first-team during a scrimmage like Thursday's.

On offense, aside from the starters that we already know-- QB Chris Simms, TB Cedric Benson (and third-down back Brett Robin), FB Matt Trissel, TE Bo Scaife, LT Robbie Doane, LG Tillman Holloway, C Jason Glynn, RG Derrick Dockery, RT Jonathan Scott and WRs Sloan Thomas and B.J. Johnson -- that list of contributing back-ups included Anthony Johnson at TB, Brock Edwards and Will Matthews at FB, Chad Stevens at TE, Tony Jeffery, Kyle Shanahan and Brian Carter at WR, Alfio Randall at LT and Lionel Garr at RG.

On the defensive side of the ball, the list is a bit shorter. The starters heading into the final week of spring are solid at eight spots -- LDE Cory Redding, DT Marcus Tubbs, RDE Austin Sendlein, MLB Reed Boyd, SLB Lee Jackson, WLB Derrick Johnson, LCB Nathan Vasher and RCB Rod Babers -- but back-ups O.J. McClintock and Kaelen Jakes took snaps with the first defensive unit.

Interestingly, DT Miguel McKay may need to be added to the solid starter list after Thursday. He took all of the first-team snaps at DT Thursday, while Stevie Lee and Adam Doiron spent the entire afternoon with the second-teamers. Lee and Doiron, of course, played in game-on-the-line situations last fall, so it's likely they are still in line to do the same this fall, but McKay has passed each of them by in the playing time arena.

The safeties remained on a rotating basis Thursday as they have throughout spring. Rufus Harris at free and Michael Huff at strong got the starting nod in the scrimmage, with FS Kendal Briles and SS Cedric Griffin working with the second unit. Huff and Griffin also worked at nickel back and at corner.

"All four of those young guys look good to me," Brown said. "We've been really impressed. In fact, if you take the four freshmen that were redshirted, all four of them are going to be football players. We don't know today which one would start if we started one of them next fall but we would not be afraid to put any of them in the game. The decision will be who will be the third corner because Nathan's gonna stay at corner and he and Rod Babers are doing really well. So will it be Michael Huff at corner or Cedric Griffin? So we'll have to look at one of them at corner and one at nickel back and then you look at the other two (Briles and Harris) at safety."

Overall, Brown said he felt good about the scrimmage. "The scrimmage we had before Spring Break, I didn't think we had the intensity overall for the full scrimmage that we needed and I felt like today (the intensity) was pretty good," he said. "We took some of the seniors out after 10 or 15 plays but overall we're developing more depth . . ."

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