OC Davis Sizes Up The Offense On Day One

Granted, the first practice of the 2005 season for No. 2 Texas was not in full pads. And it had to be moved to the indoor practice facility because of lightning in the Austin area. But Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis already likes what he sees.

To be sure, these are the early days when the optimism runs unbridled and hyperboles are often tossed like Rose Bowl confetti. But here are Davis' comments relative to key areas on the offense:

On junior RB Selvin Young and sophomore RB Ramonce Taylor:

"They're both extremely quick backs and they both catch the ball out of the backfield extremely well. You can't really tell a whole lot about backs until you put the pads on but you can tell that Selvin is bigger and stronger than he was when he got hurt. His quickness is back."

(The post-spring depth chart listed Selvin's weight at 230 pounds, while head coach Mack Brown mentioned Sunday that Selvin weighed about 215. So I asked Selvin's roommate, Vince Young, what he weighs at home. "221 pounds," Vince said.)

On the chemistry between Vince Young and the WRs:

"From spring training to the summer off-season work that they did, they had a great summer and it was obvious today. I think they have great chemistry and they have a good understanding of where each other is going to be. I feel like they're way ahead from where we started last year."

On whether FL Jordan Shipley fell behind other receivers as a result of his torn ACL:

"Not much. He was able to go through most of spring training, even though he didn't get hit. At his position, knowing just what to do, and the spacing, and the various options that he has, and all summer long he's worked at it. So, he's not behind at all."

On QB Vince Young's areas of improvement:

"I think the biggest thing with Vince is you can tell right now that he's playing with great confidence. He enjoys practice and had a lot of fun tonight. He did a great job and I just want to see him continue to get better in managing the ball game in all areas.

On freshman QB Colt McCoy:

"I thought Colt did an excellent job for a young guy. He obviously was nervous. But the new (NCAA) rule where the freshmen could come in, and the fact that most of our freshmen were here all summer long, was a huge advantage. You could tell that they knew the players and they had a good idea about the plays, even though not all the little things about them, so I was pleased with the way he performed today.

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