Brown: Shipley's Hamstring Will 'Be Fine'

FL Jordan Shipley was helped off the practice field Thursday following an injury to his right hamstring but is expected to return, Texas head coach Mack Brown confirmed. It may be a couple of days before trainers release a time frame for when Shipley will be cleared, Brown said, who added that Shipley's hamstring tightened during a non-contact drill.

"He's tough so he'll be back," Brown said. "He'll be getting treatment tonight and (Friday) morning at 6. That's just the way he is."

Shipley was sprinting down the left hashmark toward the south end zone at Denius Field about 35 minutes into practice when he collapsed after stretching for an overthrown ball. The several hundred fans on hand fell silent as Shipley lay crumpled on the turf. After several minutes, trainers helped Shipley off the field as he clutched his right hamstring.

"He'll be fine," Brown said. "He's a tough young man and he's in great shape. He knows what to do. In some ways, it may be a blessing for him because he won't have so much pounding on his knee. It's early enough that he'll be able to get back really soon."

Shipley sat on a trainers table for about 15 minutes before making the slow walk to the equipment room where he was joined by his uncle. He did not return to practice.

"They (doctors) won't know for a couple of days how long it will be," Brown said. "I know the doctors are going to say, 'We're going to re-evaluate.' I do know that."

Shipley, of course, tore his right ACL about this time last year and was lost for the season. He was poised to participate in full-contact drills Friday, when pads come on, for the first time since he prep star days at Burnet.

"Thank goodness it wasn't his knee," Brown said. "When they told me he had a tight hamstring, I said 'good.' You don't ever want to see a guy hurt something but he's in great shape. He's really smart. His knee is well, it looks like. So I'm not sure it might not be good for him to get off that knee a little bit because he's going to be out there and pound it. This may be a blessing for us."

Shipley was named the Texas 3A Offensive Player of the Year by the Texas Sports Writer's Association during his senior season in 2003. His 264 career catches for 5,424 yards not only is a state record, it also ranks No. 2 all-time nationally. So does his 73 career touchdowns.

"It just tightened up so I think we'll be fine," Brown said. "I've been doing this long enough to know that, in two-a-days, you're going to have some pulls and you're going to have some nicks. That's just part of it. I was just really pleased it wasn't his knee."

Following Shipley's injury, Brown issued this plea to fans who plan to attend the five remaining open practice sessions: "We can't continue to open up practice unless people put up the cell phones. We can't have video out there at practice and then have people go home and put it on the internet. I know people like having practice open, but if Jordan Shipley gets hurt and it's on the internet before we talk to his parents, that's not fair. I would like to ask our fans to put the cell phones in their pockets, put the text messaging in their pocket, and if they're going to come to practice, come and be for those young people and cheer for them and watch practice. But we can't continue to keep it open if information gets out before we even leave the field."

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