Ian Symonette: National Stud OT Narrows it Down

With at least 8-10 teams vying for the most ridiculously gifted prospect in the nation, which of those ten have the best shot to land the Scout.com Southwest No. 1 Ian Symonette? Arguably the most dominant OT prospect to play HS ball, one expected to be in the 2006 starting lineup regardless of the school he inks with, offers insight into his decision-making process. No need to speculate any further, the (Houston, TX) St. Pius HS OT provides the 411; Scout.com delivers it below…

Keeping things close to the vest thus far recruitniks finally get to see who has the best shot to land Ian Symonette, the 5-star talent locking down the No. 7-spot in the National Hot 100.

May I have the envelope, please…

Folks, the No. 1 prospect in the world, at least in terms of being the single most attractive D-I prospect in this guru's opinion, has decided teams he cannot overlook in the process of finding the right one to nurture his collegiate career and very likely a more than successful NFL career, are as follows: LSU, Miami, Texas and Oklahoma.

Symonette, who hails from the Bahamas but moved to the United States last year, said, "I recently narrowed it down. The four I decided on are LSU, Miami, Oklahoma and Texas. And, I will officially visit those four."

Asked what had him picking those teams, the Bahamian Blue Chip, told Scout.com, "Those are the main four. They cannot be matched."

Utilizing his time to research various programs fitting his criteria, the very polished young man especially in the way the he carries himself (though, behind the scenes will laugh and joke with his classmates and teammates, showing another side most do not see), had his reasons for thinking the Canes, Horns, Sooners and Tigers cannot be matched.

"Well, first, I looked at the level of the players, the coaches, the program, "Symonette explained. "Also, I learned that these four teams are playing on T.V. regularly, going to the biggest bowl games, and are very successful when it comes to putting players in the League."

Continuing to give us insight into the decision-making process that determined his ‘Main Four' he added, "The academics match the level of excellence. The level of excellence accomplished in both areas is important. I want a school providing an environment meeting both.

If your team is not among this all-star group, keep the faith. Symonette said the chances of him "making a fifth official visit" is not out of the question.

"I'd actually like to take all five of my official visits," said the Greater Houston Area superstar. "I'm going to concentrate on the tasks at hand (which is St. Pius football) and then I will take my official visits after the season. I am very excited about taking my official visits and if I can take all five, I will do just that."

So, those fans not hearing their favorite team called, you're not necessarily out of the sweepstakes yet.

That said, the Main Four, (LSU, Miami, Oklahoma and Texas) have got to be excited about their chances. At worse, at least today, they have a 25 percent chance of landing one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the Lone Star State in a while. This kid is the Real Deal and will be a Huge Pick-up in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

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