Lamarr Houston: 'It's A Perfect Place'

Lamarr Houston, a RB/LB for Doherty HS in Colorado Springs, Colo., pulled the commitment trigger in favor of Texas today.

"I thought UT was just the right situation," Lamarr Houston told "It's a top college, with some of the best academics, a great program, and really just the environment is one of the best environments in the country. It's a perfect place."

Asked which schools were on his short list before he decided to pledge his services to the Longhorns, the 6-2, 255-pound DE prospect said he never really narrowed it down.

"I actually had a Top Ten before I decided to commit to Texas," Houston said, "Texas, USC, OU, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Arizona State, Tennessee and Arizona."

A few teams, in addition to UT, stood out (see bottom) but for the most part Houston simply did not feel the need to make a call, a cut, or a decrease in his lengthy list of options. He wasn't consumed with the process and was less inclined to jump into it than most.

Simply put, when it came to recruiting, it's my opinion H-Town focused on getting what he wanted out of the proces, not letting the process get what it wanted out of him. Not bad for a young man with multiple schools offering glitz and glamour. Unaffected, he kept his hand in check until he was ready to make a move.

There was some mention about UT wanting the prep at DE, and a bit of doubt there, regarding Houston's desire to play LB instead.

"Texas offers too many other things for me to not want to go there," he said. "So I didn't think (playing DE, instead of LB] should be the deciding factor."

Per the 4-star DE/DT, the UT coaches still dig his potential game on the edge.

The Doherty FB/LB/DT pursued by some of the nation's best tore up the Colorado HS circuit, playing both ways last season. From the fullback position he rushed for 863 yards, 15 TDs. Defensively, he tallied 99 tackles, 16 TFL, 2 sacks, 3 PBUs and 3 FRs (playing DT first half/LB second half of the season).

Accolades: Houston, who checks in at No. 4 in the Midlands Hot 50, packin' 4 star status, has all the accolades he said he'd ever need, and then some. But the mother lode in his home state is eye-popping: At two positions, no less, kid said he nabbed 1st-team all-state, all-conference and all-city honors.

Academics: 2.9-3.0 GPA: 17 ACT – Eligible per NCAA Clearinghouse website

Major: Communications

"LSU –- I've got family all over. And if I decided to go there, I would have had some family close by."
"Michigan State -– I have an aunt that lives nearby and I would have had some family there. Also, I think academically they have a pretty good school too…"
"USC –- I have some family there too. So, that and they're the No. 1 college program in the nation."
Texas -- "It's a top college, with some of the best academics, a great program, and really just the environment is one of the best environments in the country. It's a perfect place." [IT Members Only, look for more on the Members Only board this week, Scoop, etc…]

Message to Texas Fans: "I just want to tell them that I am coming in to work hard," Houston said. "I'm going in there with the attitude that I have to prove myself."

Coaching Comments: Two coaches most influential for UT's efforts? Mack Brown –- Houston told us about a conversation he had with Brown in the spring, on an unofficial visit, where he felt he was shot straight, and remembered that. Coach K (aka Bobby Kennedy) -- "He's straight. And, really, really nice. He told me how much he thought I could help them out -- and thought Texas would be the right place for me. And, he wasn't trying to push me to do anything. He was calm and cool about everything."

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