Spirit Gallery - Ohio State

The Longhorns and their fans all left the Horseshoe happy on Saturday night.

The Ohio State fans greeted us with some very clever and witty slogans. Judging from these shirts, we were as beloved as the good people from Michigan.

An obviously Aggie-inspired sign.

The Texas contingent was small but they were able to make plenty of noise.

Michael Griffin listens in as coach Akina talks to Michael Huff.

A member of the cheerleading squad looks on just before David Pino hit the kick to make the score 16-13 at halftime.

Fans respond to Vince Young's game-winning pass to Limas Sweed.

Just after Aaron Harris sacked Troy Smith to force a safety and end the game.

Vince Young starts the celebration.

Kasey Studdard celebrates with fans.

Texas Cheer

A happy Mack Brown talks to ABC after the win.

From left to right: Rashad Bobino, Justin Blalock, Erick Jaskson and Larry Dibbles after the victory

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