Texas No. 2 Heading Into OU

Texas stayed put at No. 2 in both the Associated Press poll and the USA Today poll released on Sunday after opening Big 12 play with a 51-20 stomping of Missouri.

The Polls

The Horns (4-0) held on to their seven total first-place votes (six in AP and one in USA Today) and gained some support in total points (1,564 in the AP, up from 1,560 last week; and 1,483 in the USA Today, up from 1,482) to inch slightly closer to No. USC but No. 3 Virginia Tech also pulled a bit closer to Texas as several undefeateds suffered their first loss of the season over the last week.

The Trojans (4-0) remained atop both polls after escaping Arizona State with a 38-28 win. Southern Cal, which trailed the Sun Devils 28-24 in the fourth quarter but scored two late TDs to extend its winning streak to 27 games, held steady with 59 first-place votes in the AP and 60 votes in the USA Today poll and also held on to its 1,619 total points in the AP and 1,547 in the USA Today.

The Hokies (5-0) remained at No. 3 in the polls after defeating West Virginia. Frank Beamer's bunch still owns a first-place vote in the USA Today poll. Georgia (4-0) and Florida State (4-0) are flip-flopped in the polls, with the Bulldogs claiming the No. 4 spot in USA Today (No. 5 in AP) and the Seminoles grabbing that No. 4 position in AP (No. 5 in USA Today).

Ohio State (3-1) rose to the No. 6 slot in both polls after an idle week. With its 31-3 thrashing of Florida, Alabama (5-0) climbed to No. 7 in AP (No. 10 in USA Today), knocking Florida out of the top ten. Tennessee (3-1) moved to No. 8 in AP (No. 7 in USA Today) with Miami (3-1) grabbing the No. 9 spot in AP (No. 8 in USA Today). Rounding out the top tier is 5-0 California at the No. 10 spot in AP (No. 9 in USA Today).

Texas Tech (4-0) opened its Big 12 slate with a 30-17 win over Kansas and moved up a notch to No. 15 in AP and stayed put at No. 13 in USA Today.

No other Big 12 team cracked the top 25 polls, but Nebraska (4-0), Colorado (3-1), Texas A&M (3-1), Iowa State (3-1) and Oklahoma (2-2) all received votes.

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