Polls: It's Still USC, Texas, Virginia Tech

After overcoming a 16-point half-time deficit to defeat Oklahoma State 47-28 Saturday, Texas (8-0) held onto its No. 2 position in the Associated Press, USA Today Coaches and the Harris Interactive College Football polls released on Sunday. USC (8-0) slightly solidified its No. 1 position.

The Horns, who struggled early vs. the 3-5 Cowboys, lost some support in the polls and now claim eight first-place votes in AP (down from 10 last week), five in the Coaches poll (down from eight) and 16 in Harris (down from 18).

Texas also lost ground in overall points and now has 1563 in AP (down from 1569), 1485 in the Coaches poll (down from 1493) and 2,714 in Harris (down from 2,728).

Virginia Tech (8-0) defeated Boston College to remain at No. 3 in all three polls, but Thursday's impressive, nationally-televised victory over the Eagles combined with formerly undefeated and No. 4 Georgia's Saturday loss to Florida, pushed the Hokies closer to the Horns. VaTech also gained a first-place vote in the Coaches and Harris poll.

Alabama (8-0) climbed to the No. 4 spot in all three polls after crushing Utah State. Miami (6-1) checked in at a consensus No. 5.

LSU (6-1) rose a notch to No. 6 in the AP and Coaches polls (No. 7 in Harris), while UCLA (8-0) claimed that No. 6 position in the Harris poll (No. 7 in AP and Coaches). Florida State (7-1) grabbed a win over Maryland and now holds the No. 8 slot in the Coaches and Harris polls (No. 9 in AP), while idle Notre Dame (5-2) claimed that No. 8 position in the AP (No. 9 in Coaches and Harris).

Penn State (8-1) defeated Purdue and climbed a spot to No. 10 in the AP and Harris polls (No. 11 in Coaches), while the Bulldogs (7-1) dropped to the No. 10 position in the Coaches poll (No. 11 in AP and Harris) after losing to the Gators.

Texas Tech (7-1) beat Baylor and grabbed a No. 16 ranking in the AP and Harris polls and a No. 17 rank in the Coaches poll. With a win over Kansas, Colorado (6-2) cracked the polls again at No. 24 in the Coaches and Harris polls and No. 25 in the AP. Oklahoma (5-3), after a road win over Nebraska, received votes in all the polls but not enough to earn a top 25 position.

The USA Today and Harris polls, along with an average of six computer rankings, are components of the BCS rankings. The third BCS standings will be released on Monday, Oct. 31.

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